What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

There is a humility…..GABE.


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12241084_10153071615006784_7690204307529749274_oHappy 39th BIRTH day…..GABE

It is 1 something a.m. or so, in CAMBODIA…..
and my heart has been on GABE…
as this is HIS BIRTHDAY….in the name of JESUS.

Having him on THANXGIVING DAY…1976
HAVING HIM….not aborting him….
JESUS creating HIS LIFE….on earth for the

We celebrate Gabe’s life full circle.
When I say full circle…..it is the JOY
in his eyes that I see
a. when he is out witnessing of WHO JESUS IS….
b. it is the JOY in his eyes when he is shooting a shot
of the creation of God uninterrupted = nature
untouched by man..” even the ROCKS will cry out
that I AM LORD… ”
c. The joy that I see in his face, when his arms are
around his family he loves so dearly.

The REASON Gabe was born was to reach the world
It is why Gabe was given knowledge about media
for the 4th quarter , to reach the world FASTER
with the Gospel.
It is why Gabe can travel to the monks….who
do not have JESUS…
It is why Gabe’s heart beats, BEATS alive with
JESUS on it at all times…..

There is no earthly pride as a Mom in a son who
spiritually was created and became the man who’s
heart beats after the LORD…..

But I did get to watch his life in front of my eyes.
But I did get to watch JESUS CHRIST mold him….
and make him, after HIS WILL….

And now through FB….you get to watch …
as Paul Harvey said…” the rest of the story ”
as do I…and praise the LORD,
” that Gabe is seeking the LOST ”

I wrap his birthday gift of LIFE…
with the blood of JESUS, I put NO GIFT IN
his hands this year…..except the life of
the power of JESUS that rides with him on his
moto….except the LOVE OF JESUS that sees, the
boys in CAMBODIA as whole, as loved, that sees
the women on the trucks as worthy through the LORD
that sees the monks as saved and serving the LORD,
not in orange but ” whiter than snow through our
the baby, that was put in my arms at 18
is now 39….a man of God.

DELIVERED again….. ( you have born again )
GABE was DELIVERED AGAIN, from death, from
fear which is satan’s language, delivered from
anxiety which is not the spirit of PEACE….
HE is delivered by the PRINCE OF PEACE= JESUS…

Delivered…by the blood and the hands of
RECEIVE this gift I pray,
I love you Gabe, with all my heart.

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What does God desire ?


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Hebrews 13: 15
” Through JESUS, therefore, let us continually
offer to GOD a sacrifices of PRAISE-
the fruit of our lips that CONFESS HIS NAME.
16. and do not forget to DO GOOD
for such sacrifices GOD IS PLEASED.”

What does God desire ?
1. that we would CONFESS HIS NAME –
our love for JESUS CHRIST.
who HE is….
is not lived with “fear tape ” on our lips.
WE CONFESS…unashamed
WE CONFESS …all, all of who JESUS CHRIST IS…
fully as to the WORD OF GOD.
2. we don’t FORGET…..it is always on our mind…
to “DO GOOD”…..again the manifestation….
of good. The Word in ACTION, the WILL OF GOD..
in ACTION….what am I ” DOING for the LORD ?”
Holy Spirit speaks to me…I obey now.
a. it is from what YOU have, YOU share.
I can not share something that belongs to
someone else.
( hey you want to borrow Bob’s boat ? )
* I can not share what is not MINE !

But what is MINE, that I can SHARE ?
my ” TIME ” I have, who needs it ?
my $, I have , who needs it ?
my possessions, I have who needs it ?
my gift from the LORD, who needs it ?

( I love that this comes hours after I just went
thru 4 bags of ANGIE STUFF – some serious Angie
nice stuff, some bling, some neat clothes, shoes
and boots and some TUG stuff,
with the cologne smell on it…smile….

To give to those in Southern Ohio…
For I know they will SEE JESUS ,
somehow…meeting more than their needs.

It is the “confession to manifestation”

* confess HIS NAME
* do good
* share with others

vs. 16. ” with such sacrifices GOD, GOD, GOD
is pleased.”

I see so many individuals that try to please…
Their friends, their spouse, their kids, their
boss’, their managers, themselves and their desires.

What about God ?
What about pleasing GOD ?

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UnReined Southern Ohio……


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There IS AFRICA – UnReined Abroad…..
Then there is UNREINED SOUTHERN OHIO……homeland.

Only God, GOD….GOD….knows where this is going….
Rock and I purchased 31 acres in the middle of
42,000 State Owned, Wayne National Forest…..

I could tell you the LONG STORY of it all…
How it came about….
How my Chaplain work just pays for the land ( God )
What God spoke to me in my heart….
But bottom line ~ ” it happened ”
We jumped in the deep water w/ 2 feet !

Some of the land NEVER walked on, IN FAITH !
The drive to the land, goes by many, many….
Families, individuals that live in poverty.
Happy, I BET !!! Content….and down to earth…
( you know that strikes a cord with me ) smile…

** There are many things happening….many…

But for starts,
Pampered Chef ~ “WHAT ? ”
Lori Brooks ( my niece is a consultant )
so, we had a PARTY…..
and it turned into a TESTIMONY….
and it turned into generosity…….
and it turned into GIVING….to OTHERS.

** the items I received for hosting the party…
most of them will be given to ladies on the
Road to the LAND…..

** I pray that as they use them,
they will know that JESUS CHRIST cares
for their ” daily lives ”
as they cook for their families……
as they LOVE their families….
so does HE !

Southern Ohio…..is a ” branching OUT ”
of UnReined AFRICA !

More details will come…..
For those of you that can’t go to AFRICA…
How about Southern OHIO ?

Retreat for Women – April 30 + May 1st …in the works
Retreat for Men – April 16 -17 …..in the works
( tentative ) etc. !!

Let me know if you are interested in the RETREAT !

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