What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

Living Shallow……


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Living Shallow – “sounds spiritually hypocritical” ? smile
I have seen the words OVER THINKING in the past few days….
My life in the past year…13 years…. has been full of ?
The last year…..?
And I can go DEEP into ~ “over thinking” what all is going on.
From myself
to others
to the effect on others
and it drives deep.

I have prayed, “ God how do you live and not care, not let
things stir you, stay with you…not sin ? “
I have asked this OVER AND OVER and OVER….

John 15: 5
YOU are the branches “

( this is not Theology….deep truth… Word for Word )
this is just me. Looking into God’s Word…..

But I go… TOO DEEP…..I ….GO TOO DEEP….
into thinking into situations, individuals, outcomes,
motives, reality,

HE is the vine, that goes to the ROOT.
HE IS THE ROOT…..that we draw from ON TOP….
HE IS THE ROOT….. we stay the branches =
where are the branches = on top….

Going beyond what we can comprehend
Reading INTO, what is not our job…
Trying to figure out the process, the end, the results…
that CAN NOT BE GOTTEN….. in our own little brain/flesh.

SO I ask GOD, empower me to stay the branch, just bear the fruit…
not develop, prune, mature the fruit, just bear it…
YOU GOD….go deep, stay deep…filter Your power up to me….
and let only fruit bear in this world thru me….
from you…

The root stays in the ground….
The branch stays on top…..
The fruit is brought forth on top….LET GOD BE GOD.

I call it shallow ~ with more produce…..
I call it staying in my own lane ~ with more produce…
I call it revelation…HE is (IN) the root of the problem !

in the problem that you are experiencing today….
LET HIM BE THE ROOT…..quit digging so deep into HIS SPACE…

I see 2-4” of good soil…..
and God allows us to go that deep….
but then we get out that garden tool and just dig
cutting through the root, making the whole BIGGER
than needs to be….and digging and digging and
we have went RIGHT BY…the “HAND OF GOD”

LET HIM BE AT THE ROOT ….of the problem….amen ?

Help me to stay shallow in YOU.
A “surface Christian” ….grounded in The Vine….
going down into GOD’s stuff….? Has got to stop .

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God is a God of “guidance”


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I love the “donkey/colt prayer “
“God tell me where the donkey/colt is that has never been ridden”

Mark 11:2
“ Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it,
you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden.”

The colt that JESUS RODE IN….. the “Hosanna Colt “

The place to have the upper room =

Mark 14 : 13
“ Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you.
Follow him. “

The guy met them….he was in “spiritual position”
The colt….was in “spiritual position”

Ready and waiting to do the WILL OF GOD
Ready and waiting to guide them into where GOD WOULD MANIFEST HIS WILL
Hosanna time
Upper Room time

UnReined Ministries – operates on this creed that HE will tell us.
I try to operate in my own life – for the hearing of HIS VOICE to
tell Rock and I, what to do, where to go…for HIS will.

I talk to many that have “ directional dilemma’s “
I struggle with never wanting to go or do something that will
have “fleshly wandering”….
no spiritual instruction
no spiritual wisdom, insight and discernment behind it
for if I do not listen, wait and obey…..
it will be lead by the flesh….. and of no spiritual gain.

Stand back, you will see a Colt that has never been ridden…
rode ….” actually ridden ”
Stand back, you will see the UPPER ROOM SUPPER where JESUS
sat and laid out the actual plan of GOD HIMSELF For salvation…

If you feel lead, please pray for UnReined Ministries…..
as this next Chapter is a “ COLT CHAPTER “
and I want to SEE HIS WILL……RODE.

For you ?
I pray in the Name of JESUS, please speak in a clear voice,
a voice that will tell them, now…go here, now…look for
this person and what seems IMPOSSIBLE….if I tell you, if you listen
it will happen , because I/GOD …you involved Me…His will
for our lives has HIM in front of us, in it, and then HE goes behind
us….I pray that for you right now…some I know where you are,
some I don’t…but God knows….and I shake my head smiling, that
God is guiding you in this exact time
and that…. “the colt is going to be ridden “ in the MIGHTY

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What robs you ?


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What right now is trying to “rob you” of your joy ?

I battle all the time with truly living “in joy”
sincere, inner joy….
a “genuine” joy that is complete in the LORD…

My thots ~ emotions are stirred by my surroundings.
~ What went wrong with Africa ?
~ What is next that is truly of the LORD ?
~ Why would God use someone like me ?
~ and all the ones around me……circumstances, etc.

Nehemiah 8:10

We can bring that to our mind in a second.

Take it back a few :

Nehemiah 7:6
When Ezra first came to Jerusalem, the moral
and spiritual condition of the people was deplorable..

Ezra PRAYERFULLY taught them God’s Word

They began to RESPOND to and
to obey the laws of God.

Then later, Nehemiah asked them to trust God to
help him REBUILD the walls.

Then how it showed in their ~ character…
The more they learned
The more they obeyed
The more they wanted to KNOW GOD

THEY COULD NOT GET ENOUGH of Ezra’s teaching..
( is that how we sit under the teaching of God’s Word ?)

It touched them so deeply that it said they lifted their
hands towards Heaven….
I just told Tug, that today was a lift your hands for
an hour….Church ! You could not STOP receiving the
motivating Word of GOD….that stirred your spirit so
deeply ! You had to stand, You had to raise your hands…
YOU had to say amen…. The Word of GOD Stirs the most
inner parts of your being !

It said, “ they lifted their hands towards Heaven they
shouted, AMEN! AMEN ! * Ezra 8:6

They went from that, to falling to their knees and
bowing low as they worshipped The Lord….

The most gratifying thing :
They wanted to obey GOD, His Word…
What they heard touched their emotions
They had a contrite spirit of their sins / humility …..

NOW COMES vs. 10
“Nehemiah said, “ Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks,
and send some to those who have nothing prepared. THIS DAY
IS SACRED to our LORD. DO NOT GRIEVE, for the …

It is the humbling of ourselves after the WORD OF GOD….
taught to us by those God has called.
It is the HUNGER of the Word of GOD to go deep into
our souls….clear down to where it stirs, convicts
and takes us to our knees…in all humility ….

When we get there ?
When we get there ?
We are full, full in every part of our being…
When we get there….
IS WHEN WE ARE STRONG…..but it is our choice…

Do we hunger after Him ?
Do we want to let all inhibitions go…to let Him stir us ?
Do we let Him touch us to the point of OBEDIENCE ?
“do not grieve “ equals ~ a Holy Life after Him alone

Am I grieving GOD ? in my life, from my heart ?

that answer will be your “JOY GAUGE “

in the Name of JESUS, may I….. hunger
may I …. be stirred
may I…..obey His Word
“the JOY OF THE LORD…….is…….my strength.

The restoring of the walls was mortar and clay
The character of the ones who built it……
was more important to the Lord than what they did.

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