What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.



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I need to get a “support letter” out….
but it is just so CRAZY since…..????

UnReined Ministry….still EXISTS !

It has been in “Pause” for a while….
But I knew until Heather came into Tug’s life…
UnReined turned its shoulders to
Tug, Morgan, Reese + Tanner..
With no apologies….

God was silent in some areas…
Moving in others…family wise…
and an undercurrent of GRIEF of losing Africa…
( still is ) but, deep breath – ?

After Tug + Heather’s wedding I knew it was time….
To do what ? To walk, to start, to try, to go…
Asking God every day –
“ Open doors that no man can open and
close doors no man can close “ seriously.

so, Rock and I started the process
the phases of Southern Ohio ….

Women’s Retreat in April – pre wedding
Wedding May 5th
Start the process of – Water, Power + Septic
on the land ( still in the process ) smile
Start to plan the build – of THE SHED/Chicken Coop

** instead of buying a camper we chose to build
The Shed….to live in while Phase 2 + 3 come.

* Women’s Bible Study every other month is Southern Ohio
* Collect for the Free Garage Sale is ON GOING, thank YOU GUYS
Get unit #2 to put things in, order a bigger Truck….
and love the individuals and doing ministry with them all , again !
* Send money to INDONESIA to help Wendy’s ministry
( she went to Africa w/ me )
* meet w/ 2 young men who listens to God….
1 contemplating ministry
1 desires to go to Africa …hmmm
* talk / counsel with different individuals
* Chaplain at 3 businesses…in Lima every week

The Build is exciting and EXHAUSTING…..
Rock has poured his heart , life and stamina in it all…
and I get the “ dumb end “ gratefully
and JASON SPAULDING our neighbor in S.Ohio..
( we could not do it without him and his family)
Mike Hawkins gave us 2 days…
( which is like a month from any other )
and this Tues. we go down to put the metal siding on..

After that it will be 2 solid more weeks of work to
complete The Shed….( Garage Sale will take a week in itself )

We have had many talks with individuals that affirm, affirm
that we are walking on the path that GOD HAS FOR US.

I read His Word and underline and date…everything that
jumps into walking HIS PATH….and try so hard to stay on it.

I still communicate with Benson…..
11 years of doing intense ministry on the level
Benson and I walked with the LORD ON….
you just don’t quit that.

After AFRICA, I have questioned myself deeply…
if I can hear God correctly…
if I truly messed it all up….
will GOD EVER use me again, in that level ?
and with our family…..just the unknown….
it will be a step of faith….
but a desire to obey at all costs….
for those that don’t know JESUS and are going to hell….
to help the poor
to go to the ones with JESUS…to a point that
to seek and to save the lost
knowing it is God who draws all men unto HIMSELF….
but He included us in that process…
this is my desire……

I just ask for PRAYER……..how ever God leads you,
Humbly , thank you !

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Stop trusting in man……


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Reading ~ Isaiah 2…..the chapter….
I get to the LAST VERSE…and here is what it said:


And it stuck.
That “man” can be the one you are waiting on…
to love you, or give you even 1/2 of what
you desire from them…
That “man” can be the closest person to you.
That “man” can be your own kids, for joy, meaning…
That “man” can be even your spiritual family
That “man” can be yourself

“Stop trusting …..IN MAN “

John 17:14-15
Believers are “in this world, but not of it “
Psalm 121
“ our hope comes from the LORD”

Then take this literally,
We stir in our minds and hearts what is happening
to us right now….and try to figure out a way…
“what can …I DO “
“what will…..THEY DO “

Stop trusting man…..this is from GOD Himself…
IF we stop trusting man…..leave the natural ..
IF we START putting ALL OUR TRUST in HIM alone….
with every individual item coming at you..
every individual that is not even coming your way…

and just “ STOP “, quit going there for any reason..
just “STOP”….put it in complete park,
don’t go to man at all….
and quiet yourself
and go to the LORD….
GO…to the LORD….
Trust deeply, fully that HE ALONE will make a way
spiritually, that MAN can NEVER EVEN TRY….

I am selling my car,
Rock and I spent hours cleaning, preparing, ran to
Walmart, got the signs, Craigslist, Facebook…..
I literally do not TRUST MY OWN EFFORTS AT ALL.

I trust GOD, to sell my car….
If He can draw all men unto Himself to save them from hell..
He can draw someone to buy that car.

I can make a list….
of many many things I AM TRUSTING GOD FOR RIGHT NOW…
many of them are for the ones I LOVE…..
and my mind, my heart….I know THEY can do little
to effect the outcome….
“ stop trusting man “
“ stop trusting man”
“ stop trusting man”……………..

fully, deeply, ONLY……trust in the LORD to do HIS
perfect will in them, in us,
I surrender ALL………….

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How we are to live…….


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1 Peter 2 : 16

We are to live :
1. Live as free men
2. Live as servants of God
3. show proper respect to everyone
4. Love the brotherhood of believers
5. Fear God
6. Honor the King
7. Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters
with all respect.
Not only to the good and considerate, but
also to those who are harsh.
8. IN all circumstances of being under a master
who is harsh ~ BE CONSCIOUS OF GOD…. 1st !

So if, we are under a boss who is harsh
so if, we are under a mistreating person who is harsh
so if, we are in a relationship which is harsh
so if, we are under a Govt. who is harsh
so if, we are under our parents who is harsh…

WE….are to be conscious of GOD ~ FIRST…
WE….are to be conscious of GOD ~ FIRST…

** What does that do then to our perspective of
the situation, where does that put us, how does
that change our view, how does that change our hearts…

We are to be humbled and under and conscious…
that in our thots, our words, our actions…..
That it is to HIM first……
1 Peter 2 : 19
“ ……he is conscious of GOD “

empower me God….to live on earth…
being ever so conscious of YOU first…
in ALL circumstances that are harsh.

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