What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

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John Patience from the “CONGO” ….
Traveled with us to each meeting/ Crusade.
Benson, “Mum as Kenyans are known for their running…
those from the Congo are known for their dancing.”
So, John Patience traveled with us singing, worshiping
and dancing unto the Lord.”
Testimony –
” I had no parents, I was an orphan. There are
so many walking the streets. I never smoked bong since
I was born. But I served satan through secular music.

” You give a donkey to the magician…to be made known.
It goes to the point of sacrificing a human being to
the magician / witchcraft, to raise you to the next
level and be made known all over the world.”

2004 I had not stepped into church.
I came to Kenya and I stepped into a Recording Studio
in Kitale to record a secular song. The Recorder said
I was very good. He brought me a song to listen to.
It was gospel. ( one of Benson’s )
I braided my hair like a woman. Yet something spoke to
me…” go back to God”
I went back to the Studio in Kitale.
God told me to be with Pastor Benson in that studio.
We got to know each other, now we are living like a
family. Trust in God.
There is nothing He can not do.
I will bring my family to serve the Lord and come
with an international. Agape Word of Life Music.
Right now I do not have an offer for my music.

* please pray for John, he is growing in his walk with
the Lord….and very new….very new…and deep in

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~~ Offer it back to JESUS !


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Feb. 1st – Feb. 27th….
What did we pray for ?
+ “it is only JESUS who draws all men unto HIMSELF”
” NO ONE…can come unto the Father …but MY ME ”

So, with that as TRUTH …. Here is how souls came :

Feb. 4 – 40 – School Day
Feb. 5 – Korosen’det – 2
Feb. 6 – Korosn’det – +9 church + 23 Crusade
Feb. 7 – Chep Tan Tan – + 15 Church – + 56 Crusade
Feb. 8 – Chep Tan Tan – + 59 Crusade
Feb. 9 – Khaluenge -+ 6 Church – + 16 Crusade
Feb. 10 – Khaluenge – + 23 Crusade
Feb. 11 -Khaluenge – + 16 Crusade
Feb. 12 – Off
Feb. 13 – Melembe’- + 23 Church – + 13 Crusade
Feb. 14 – Melembe’ – + 40 Church – + 25 Crusade
Feb. 15 – Melembe’ – + 40 Church – + 32 Crusade
Feb. 16 – Namwichula – +24 Church -+ 35 Crusade
Feb. 17 – Namwichula – + 12 Church – +15 Crusade
Feb. 18 – Namwichula – + 14 Church – + 42 Crusade
Feb. 19 – Radio – ?????? (angels rejoiced !! )
Feb. 20 – Jigger Day – + 21 Slums – + 40 Villages
Feb. 21 – Matisi – Church Family
Feb. 22 – Liyavo – + 4
Feb. 23 – Prison – + 127
Feb. 24 – 25 – All the Pastors of these churches came
To Benson and Dorcas’ house….

Stayed up until 2:30 a.m……
Pastor Patrick Simiyu – As a leader I am on the front line
and I must Lead them the “right way” as according to
John 14: 6 , Listen to God as to understand Him properly
so that we go according to His direction.
Pastor Michael Tarus- I am a letter to the people. I must
show them the way of salvation.
Mafundisho La Viohgozi – Kasa haya mafundisha nime oru Mungu….. ?
Lilian Makhombe – Teacher – As a Leader I should take the people
somewhere, and corse them do what they can not do.
Pastor Tiomth M. Chemos – I have to know who I am. So I can be
an example…my eyes are now widely open to lead the Church
God’s way.
Pastor Joseph Walukou – Chep Tan Tan – mekesa na moma. wetifuza….?
Pastor Ronald Wekesa – I am so heapy heapy for the Word of God.
Pastor Anthony Nyongesa – Khalwenge – Remember my church and
its’ needs, children, widows , Pray I achieve my goals of
outreach and discipleship and to build the foundation of
Spiritual and to assist them in conduct.
Pastor John W. Malaba – Namwhichula – to me to be strong and
courageous and preach the true Gospel to this people. To
lead the people and show them that it is Jesus Christ alone
in our lives.
Pastor Emmanuel – How to reach people and mackug them to be dispose
of Jesus.
?? – Leaders should bring the people to GOD , teach them how
to hear God and leave them to God to lead them.
Maian Wangunjiri – Matisi – My lame excuses have been my draw
back all these years. How I wish this had come earlier.
A Leader takes people somewhere not anywhere !

They wrote on notecards what GOD, GOD had spoke to them….
I am packed…..and leaving….

God answered….
and I believe…. we , we leave them….
W/ GOD ! w/ JESUS ! w/ The Holy Spirit
w/ ……
These Men and Women of GOD…
Continue to pray for THEM….
Continue to pray for the souls saved…
( that truly only God know how many !!!!! ) seriously !

* But I pray you see ” our heart “…..
To bring them to JESUS….
To bring them to JESUS….
To bring them to JESUS….

Comin’ HOME ~ ROCK TAVIANO ….comin’ HOME !
Feb. 11 –

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~ ~ ” YES + AMEN “


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Right now…there are 15 Spiritual LEADERS …
sitting in Benson and Dorcas’ living room…..
The call of GOD….listening to the HOLY
SPIRIT who will only tell them the things,
the TRUTHS that God is saying to them.

“no matter how many promises there are…

Here is one Pastors TESTIMONY
Michael Tarouse (Ta ROOSE )
Koroshow’det ( Kor row shoun ‘ det) Church.
Tall young man of about 39 or so….

” His tribe was ones killing people in the Mt. Elgon
2007-2008. August to May…When there were clashes
(fightings/ war ) Everyone was suppose to join the
malitia in their tribe. If not they would be executed.
I refused to be part of the killing. Those reported
me to the mailitia. They tied my wrists and took me from
my home. Told me to say my last goodbyes.
They took me to the edge of the forest. You could
be executed or legs amputated. When they were going
guns rocked the hair from the other side. A fierce
gunfire. Maybe the police had pursued them.
So they left me and they disappeared into the
forest. They left me in the middle of the road.
That is how my life was saved.
I have now been a Pastor for more than 10 years.

Tarouse ~ ” YES + AMEN ”
” YES + AMEN ”

Christ Alone,
Thanx for praying !

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