What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

Principles….of this world….


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Worldliness is living by the WORLD’S RULES…..
We can be “Christians”
We can work in “ministry”

Col. 2: 20
” Since you died with Christ to the
basic principles of this world,
as though you still belonged to it ,
do you SUBMIT to its rules ?”

They have the
1. appearance of wisdom
2. self imposed worship
3. false humility
4. harsh treatments of their own body

to those things listed…..

vs. 21:
Do not handle !
Do not taste !
Do not touch !

( God in HIS WORD, put exclamations behind..)

Vs. 9
” For IN CHRIST all the fullness of the
DEITY LIVES..in bodily form, 10. and YOU
have been given FULLNESS in Christ, who
is the head over every power and authority.”

So why do we live…..
in the ” way of this world ?”
in every aspect of our lives…
we live in the Spirit …
we walk in the Spirit….
we have faith in the KINGDOM of God…

So what ever you are looking at today…
Don’t view it as the ” world views it ”
at all…..
How does God see it,
What does the WORD Say ?
What can God do ?

LIVE in that……
Walk in that……

When we walk in ourselves….
When we have the APPEARANCE of wisdom….
but not the revelation of the Spirit ?

When we have false humility….
YET we do not surrender to ….
“LIVING in the World of JESUS, how HE
operates far above satan, flesh, self ”

* putting our spin on HIS WORD ?
putting our spin on HIS WAY ?
“the, “but you” have to do this…
the way that I think the LORD wants it
the way I think….it should be done…
the way they should be living and if not …

* it is like God wants us to CUT THE STRING..
from the KITE….let go of YOURSELF !

Wave the authoritative WHITE FLAG TODAY…
Surrender….go on up into the KINGDOM’s
way of LIFE… the unexplainable

Your feet may be touching this one…
But you are walking in the SPIRIT….

There is FREEDOM there…
Freedom from self
Freedom from the appearance of wisdom …
Freedom to let go and live in HIM …..

“in the world but not OF the WORLD…”
take if literally…..
Ministry = operated by the Spirit, not me
Family = operated by the Spirit, not me
Self = mind, thots, words, actions…..
encompassed by the Spirit…not me ?

this is my prayer for myself……

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His Word :


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Romans 11: 29
” for God’s gifts and His call is irrevocable.”

My mind went to our sons…
My mind went to our family…..
My mind went to individuals I know…..

and their gifts…..their talents….
who they have been their whole lives…..
what has been given to THEM and not to OTHERS…..
their SALVATION…..

they are IRREVOCABLE……

So, I think, what can STOP them…
what can hinder us…..
why do we struggle so MUCH…
with WHO WE ARE…
instead of accepting it, being thankful for it..
walking in it, with all humility but walking in it
full throttle ?

Pressing to , TO THE MARK that has been SET BEFORE US ?

It makes me smile to see those that GOD is blessing…
opening doors for, giving gifts to…to INCREASE…

If we OWN THIS…… our FAITH will blow up….
If we OWN THIS…… satan is shrunk….
if we OWN THIS…… the line is straighter to our calling….

UnReined….unto what is IRREVOCABLE.
The time is now….
OWN IT and walk in it and to it…for the sake of HIS KINGDOM….

vs. 36
” For from HIM
and through Him
and to HIM…..are all things.
To HIM….be the GLORY FOREVER, amen.”

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Leaving on Monday morning for AFRICA….
w/ a TEAM of GALS…..that have
a. no drama
b. humility
d. one is sick, one has back issues…one is
a first timer going….and they press in
….. I am jacked.

Every day…..I get to see the heart of many.
Today was no different….
From getting hand written letters from 2 little
girls in FLORIDA, for one little girl in Kenya.
To a gift bag for a paralyzed lady …who was
left because she could not make money.
To a Bible, with her name embossed on it….
Someone ran from Bluffton the WAR ROOM movie for
a group to watch in AFRICA…
To a Church…having more glasses, seeds…and a
check, to make you say ” THANK YOU JESUS..”
To an envelope with money that YOU know they
could of needed it for their OWN FAMILY.
To a Dr. – “stop and pick up….”
A couple that is a life long respectable Christian
Lunch w/ Tug….and he downloaded my “songs ” …
A meeting with Stanley Tam……..that made
me smile for atleast 45 minutes afterwards….
Seriously…. I get to SEE and EXPERIENCE the
” I would want absolutely NO OTHER LIFE, than the
one I live “….and I THANK YOU JESUS.

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