What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

” just sayin’ ”


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At the end of their meetings….their culture will have
people come forward, say what they learned and thank
the one who spoke.  ( this can go on for an hour, literally
….so I take notes…and pray they bless YOU ) :
Florence – ” I cover with the blood of Jesus, our children,
our house, our neighbors, cover them…over the supporters
( YOU )  cover with the blood of JESUS !
Mosel ~ ( Mozale)   Young man, skinny early 20′ s ?
He came from the Namwechula area where we have started
a church :   Benson speaking , ” He stood in front of the car
when I pulled up for a Crusade.  I talked to him and we went
to his house to talk…..He got saved  ( this is before I came
this year )Now he is helping with our Church in Namwechula…

Mozel – ” The teaching on tithing and giving, I was blind on that side.
The greatest secret to me is to give.  The day we came to this
place we was so happy, standing in the back , there was only
a 5 min. time.   I started to pray to God.  I saw something like
a TV someone standing…he had wounds that was leaking blood.

( Man who walked 5 miles…then rode with the boy on the back
of his bike )  Name  ?  ( will get )
” I had no plans of coming here, the day I had no transport.
I walked from Mt. Elgon by foot.  Met my brother on a bicycle
He asked me, ” where are you going ” He accompanied me here.
The piki piki did not come for me that said it would.  I look at
his age he is younger.  I was surprised when the bicycle was
climbing the mountain.  ” tell me if you are tired, very steep hill.
He really worked.  Tell me to light and walked 10 kilometers..
Then he told me to come back.  He really peddles.
My prayers were answered, I thank God…
I have met new friends.

** we just transported them all back to the mountain.
Thank you for giving…this is just a smit of what your
money does…..it does more than what we can do !


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~ ~ He came on a Bicycle…..


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Benjamin Lymo  ( lee- mo)
his testimony tonite :  young man 18 ?

My mind , I should attend today….
The Lord sent His Holy Spirit. I should attend the seminar.
I took my bicycle and road to this place…I did not know where
I was going.  As I was coming I met a brother. I asked , ” where
are you going?”   He said he was coming to a seminar.  ” do
you really know where you are going ?”   He said, no.  ” Let
us just go – the Holy Spirit will take us.”  ( they come from 25
miles to the mountains from here !)
We rode 1 bicycle.  I rode with all my strength.  Even when
I was climbing the mtn. the bike was flying.  I was 1 kilometer
away….I called my Pastor ( this church has just come into this
ministry )  ” which side should I come ? “   You are very close, he said.
I became bold…” as you will be walking to Heaven…you will
go thru Mtns. and valleys.”

I entered and sat down as the teaching proceeded.

Since I was born I never came close to a white woman.
And the gospel she has given us praying to give you strength.
The Word of God has been shared and I know there is a purpose
to my life.
” You ( muzungu ) have been used me as God here.”

( I have always pulled people up…to represent God, Jesus,
people , what ever…it was no biggy to me…I always try to
use many…and he was just one of them, today…listen again
and hear the boy that rode his bike and how God wanted to
speak to him )

” you have been used me as God here ”

” that is a BIG MIRACLE….. to me ”
The brother told me that I brought on the bike,
” you have been a big help.”

” I didn’t know the Lord was waiting to use me,
for GOD ”

( bringing him up….to represent God )
( the depth of what it meant..that he could be used…
in just an illustration….as God….crossed into the
spiritual and touched his heart deeply )

” From today, I have seen in His Word.  A Good
Shepherd comes from the Lord ”

Benjamin  Lymo

An older man gave his testimony…. ( too long for
this one )  but he walked over 30 miles from the mountain.
Mount Elgon – the war was going on,  the 1st year God
spoke to me to come….it is what touched me to come..
…and NOW….
( Benson took the vehicle up into Mt. Elgon, where
the roads end…but God gave us …the means to
get to them )before I came, they wanted to come
under our ministry to help them…
and NOW…..they will walk 30 miles
to hear from the LORD……no words.

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!! Building of HIS ARMY……..


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To  sleep at  4:00 a.m.  ( are you kidding me ? )
Guess what I am wrestling with this year ?  lol

3 Leadership Meetings….held in the Hospital…as
They increased the NEW CHURCH BUILDING
8 ft wider and about  16 feet longer !
All METAL…..using branches to clean the floor….
a “tripod” limb ladder….. AMAZING !

Around 60 Leaders came……
Does that mean it was all Pastors, Elders ?????
No young men, women, the drunk guy that got saved….
Pastors from the Mountains where there are NO ROADS…
The young Pastor guys, dressed to the ” nines with shades on “…
From the area my 1st year, the ” WAR Relief tents were ”
” Endebess ” …..
Pastors that would almost cry at the reading of His Word…
Young ladies that would kneel on the floor to worship JESUS….

To walking back down at night…..
” can we have more at 9:00 , then we will sleep ? ”
Hungry for the Word ?
” do you have copies ? “  yeah right…..lol
To sitting here at 11:00 p.m. something
Under the moquito net….and hearing
the worship continuing……..

The Question of the Day  ” do you LOVE JESUS”
The Challenge of the Day -  ” worry about One thing…
having the deepest love, the greatest Passion for JESUS”

Will satisfy.

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