What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

The Truck for AFRICA ~


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I am backing up….in prep for you to witness
Getting our  501 C 3 = GOD
The UnReined BOARD =  GOD
Mike Hawkins – Vickie Hawkins
Chel Brockert – Becky Carter
Deb Kellermeyer – Joy Beaumel

Starting 3 new Churches – Approximately 25 miles
From where we are in Liyavo -
Transportation – ” needed for Benson and Staff”

Me:  ” Think we need to get Benson a Motorcycle”
Board:  ( talking through the complete USAGE of a
motorcycle that Jackie Miller had bought
3 yrs. ago )   * thanx Jackie !
I think we need a TRUCK !   smile !

2 months out of going back…..seriously ?
RAISE money and prepare  ?

* Going to the ALTER on that Sunday overwhelmed
with the calling and the INSIGNIFICANCE of self.
* Being prayed for at the alter…..
* Monday – So, I wrote the letter to SEND to our supporters…
Pleading the need….and praying to GOD alone.
writing and seriously listening to GOD…
” put it on your sight , Janelle ”
Me :  Never have in 8 yrs….but O.K.

Christi McQuire in Florida…Editor…mother of 2
Normally does NOT have time to read “blogs”
but ~  THAT DAY…” will hop on here and see
what Janelle is doing ”  ( that day )

Her Grandpa ( my Mom and Dad’s really good friend
from school )  All of who are in Heaven !
All of who are in Heaven !
Is how Christi and I even got to know each other !
SHE read my blog – from a “gifting ” –  SHE  GAVE.
She and her husband Matt –  Heard/ Obeyed/ Gave !

Grandpa – through Friends of my Mom & Dad
The Board – speaking out
Christi and Matt McGuire…in Florida
Me – Cridersville , Ohio
Benson + Dorcas – KENYA , AFRICA…………

He tells us He heals the broken hearted in His Word…
The next verse He tells us , He has the STARS NUMBERED…

Look at the depth from the NEED…..1st verse…
To GOD and the depth of what , who, how amazing
HE is…HE is….HE is….HE is….2nd verse
Bensons’ Email today :

How are you doing Mum and the family?
How is Rock ,Gabe and Tug,Angie and Marla and the grand kids?
We are doing very good in the Name of Jesus Christ.
I was really blessed yesterday when we talk and what
God is doing,buying the key boards and the generator
that is the Lords doing.The ministry this side is doing very good
as it is expanding from every side.I also would like to thank God
for the Truck that he gave us,we just cannot believe
what we are seeing.May the living
God bless Crissy and her family in Jesus Name.
God shall reward her in the Name of Jesus Christ.
On Friday I will go to Namwichula to meet the Church then
on Saturday will be at Mile nane Crusade and evangelism.
Pray for us.


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Am I a ” Carrier “


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This a.m. Pastor Carl spoke on being a …
“Carrier of HOPE ”

HOPE – anticipation and expectation
Faith believes it is there……what is not seen.

WE KNOW…..in our FAITH …
we know JESUS
we know God
we know The Holy Spirit

All of who they are…..ALL…
Every thing, every word, every part
of who they are and what THEY can do.

We know…and ” we are the carriers ”
The HOPE ~ CARRIERS of expectation
The HOPE ~  CARRIERS of Anticipation

I trained for FED EX …for like 30 days
or so…. over and over…. I always wanted
to be a Postman….a ” carrier ” , seriously.
I missed the test by 1 pt.  - prayed all nite…
missed it on a part I was never trained…
They gave me another chance, I said,
” I don’t think this is where God wants me ”
and gave them my belt and left.

2 months later – Tug almost DIED at the
age of 19…lost 33 lbs. in 3 weeks…..
due to ANXIETY…..literally…..
Praying over him, reading God’s Word to him,

The ” carrier ” of HOPE….
not FED EX…no shorts, no truck…..
BUT JESUS to our son…..
if I had  no hope….
no anticipation of healing
no expectation of healing
no absolute belief
to give Tug….when he~ could not ?
Jeff Dulmage came and prayed all over our house
every entry for satan to come in ~ he anointed and prayed
against satan with the blood that defeated him at the cross.

This was one of the 1st…..
This is one of the nuggets God put in my pocket of
who we today are carrying……
who we today have for others…
Jeff Dulmage was a ” carrier ” bringing Tug , HOPE
Anticipation that His blood still has healing power
Expectation that JESUS would bind satan from Tug

our eyes could not see what Jeff carried to our house
that day….
our FAITH could only BELIEVE….
all we had was FAITH as Tug was “going down “….

He stood at Gabe and Marla’s wedding …..
Jim Baker and Jim Loughrin came …..
only to stand in the back and pray that Tug would make it.
HE IS …today,  ( along with GABE ) ….
The ” EVIDENCE”   of things not seen….
and now….Tug is a carrier   of  HOPE
Gabe is a carrier of   HOPE

..on the way home,  ”I still today sometimes
wish I would of gotten to be a Mailman or Fed Ex “….
Rock,  ” you are not that kind of a “carrier, Janelle ”

and I receive that JACKED……..
@ Fed Ex they taught you to handle everything
with GREAT RESPECT as you don’t know what you are
carrying….to a hospital ? a home ? a jeweler…..

WE, WE, WE ….
are ” Carriers of JESUS CHRIST ”

” the HOPE of all “

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As far as ” me ” …….


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Reading Romans 12 this a.m. ~
Asking God to work on me, sincerely…
I always say, ” I only have MY PLATE….in front of me ”
” What is on MY PLATE ? ”

and Romans 12 ~ EXPOUNDS on it GREATLY !

*  Our spiritual act of worship –  not the other
*  Be transformed – ” renewing of YOUR mind ”
We don’t eat others food for them….
We don’t let others eat food for us…..
to enjoy, to get nutrition and growth…
Why would we depend on others for the Word of God ?

* His good and pleasing will for OUR LIVES……
God and us, face to face…One on one !
* Do NOT think more highly of yourself…..
all the way around – your thots, your actions,
your way of life, your ministry,  ME….
” w/out GOD……w/ out GOD….. w/ out GOD…”
* we don’t have the same functions in life….
so do our own…and let others BE their own.
* CLING to what is good….is our mind clingy to the
bad ?   WASTED TIME.
*  Do not be conceited……..self self self self self = 0
* Be careful to do what is right in the sight of EVERYBODY….
( how does it effect all the way around ?  )

THE KICKER ~  ” as far as it DEPENDS ON YOU ”
The plate in front of me…..God talking to just to me…
me  and God alone….” as far as it DEPENDS ON YOU ”

It does say before it ” if at ALL possible ”
TRY YOUR HARDEST TO…..and then let it be….
” as far as it DEPENDS ON YOU…..

Think of the word PEACE –  describe it in your head…..
Live it sincerely from your heart….LOVE IS SINCERE….
Do I, do you have PEACE…w ________________
Yep…is there one name you don’t have PEACE ?

If you filled a stadium….your yard….. a school gym…
with all those in your life…….your sphere of influence
Your family – each one
Your friends – each one
Your co-workers – each one
” as far as it DEPENDS ON YOU……

what is Holy and pleasing to GOD ?
This….THIS…..this….. renew our minds….
live by His Word, His life…
with everybody….
That includes = all those we have talked about
yesterday, last month, when ever….
That includes = those we look at with a different eye

How will we effect this world for JESUS CHRIST ?
Effect our living room, our extended family,
our neighborhood, our church,
but first, it has to be SINCERE in us….
other wise we are on that HAMSTER WILL
” going on doing………………… but not being ”

Hear this Janelle, live this Janelle -
or otherwise ~ I am a pharisee.
in the  name of JESUS CHRIST my LORD.

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