What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

To know your calling ~ is ~ to know your passion…..


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After the last 1 1/2 years of “ wandering “…
in UnReined…in my own life…etc.

God has really been honing in …

2 days ago He sank this verse into my heart…
as if a “tattoo” …..

Proverbs 21: 13
“ If a man shuts his ears
to the cry of the poor,
he too will cry out
and not be answered.”

Every word of this screamed to me…
Every word of this was a band box to me….

Because I HEAR THIS…deeply
It is not about ME…
it is about GOD OPENING MY EARS to the poor.

It is a verse to all….
but another maybe a verse on the sick…
but another it is hard for the rich…
but someone has to reach them…..

I could go off on the verse about the poor…
but that is only because they are, “my passion”
I could tell you that God knows they are poor.
I could tell you that there are fleshly reasons why they are poor.
I could tell you there are things they could do to get themselves out…

But, I don’t see any of that …..seriously…
I only see their needs…and ask GOD to show me the “ HOW “

For awhile ~ it was my little family…Tug ,Gabe + Rock
( that is forever) and now Grandkids…
then it was Marimor
then it was Temple
then it was Teens For Christ / North Park
then it was my Mom + Dad
then it was Africa
then it was Southern Ohio…

Our passion and calling can change….
but our passion….now,
to me…is our calling NOW….

I say that to ask….. you…
WHAT DO YOU SEE DIFFERENTLY right now than others ?
for the sake of The Lord
in the power of The Lord
and in so doing you will be in HIS ANOINTING to do so .”

Your anointing, where you will see HIS POWER and YOURSELF COLLIDE.

and that is where YOUR PASSION is drawing you to.
He puts HIS desire in our heart, it then becomes our desire…
that is where you will see the HAND OF GOD.
that is where the manifestation of HIMSELF will explode….

it doesn’t matter where….it matters WHO…
JESUS CAME to die for individuals, people…
Lima, Southern Ohio, Africa – the poor….

The sick
The Rich
The Lost
The Chosen Disciples
Who are you called to personally ?

Don’t ignore your passion…..let it draw you to the ones
God is desiring to REACH….unto salvation.

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“ In The Midst” Testimony :


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Africa – cancelled
Retreat – cancelled….
The Carona Virus…….

Psalms 138: 7
“ Though I walk IN THE MIDST of trouble,
You will revive me; You will stretch out
Your hand against my enemies, with
Your right hand You will save me.”

About 2 months ago…a couple gave UnReined
$ 1,000.00 cash to give to someone in need.
They felt lead that maybe God wanted it to
go to a widow, or to children in need or
someone just in need… here….but they
also gave me free reign…to hear from The
Lord and follow The Holy Spirit.

So, I literally waited upon The LORD…
Read, Pray, take it to the LORD, wait…
Read, Pray, take it to the LORD, wait…
Then someone’s name just came and stayed ..
and wouldn’t leave….and so I waited…

NOW…. stir how the LORD is so desiring to
MOVE…..NOW…in the midst of it all…
OH, HE IS HERE….in the midst….HE has never
left… HIS power and love has not diminished.

So, I call the girl God laid on my heart :

She is a single Mom….
not by choice at all….
a Mom of many children….
and she loves each one like they are her only child.
She loves spending time with them…
she is so intentional spiritually with them.

The joy of The LORD exudes from her spirit.
She worships in her home to stir the HOLY SPIRIT…
She speaks unending of JESUS CHRIST….
( you get the picture ) smile….amazing, she is !

So I called her yesterday….
Me: “ are you home , I have something for you “
( we served The Lord together a couple times..
and now hook up periodically…
so she is like ??????? )
Gal: “ I am at Aldi’s picking up bagels for my
Grandmother …smile
Me: “ Can we meet somewhere ?”
Gal: “ Allentown ?”
Me: “ TACO BELL parking lot ? “


No one has seen the daily depth of raising many
children by herself. No one knows the financial
burden. No one knows the heart of this Mom and
her OWN personal desires….on hold. No one
sees her raising her PRAISE unto the LORD alone
in that home. But God, But God, But God…

So in my vehicle…I handed her an envelope…
With an index card with a specific verse from
His Word…to her. Wrote out by the “giving couple”
Elephant tears flowed downher cheeks,
it was silent…letting HIM LOVE HER…..soak in,
soak in,
soak in.

( to be included in this was so deep )

We talked of JESUS, elephant tears…
We talked of JESUS more….elephant tears…
We watched individuals and couples TRY to open
the doors of Taco Bell, to no avail, as only the
Drive through was open, WE LAUGHED, should of
recorded it…..
We talked of her children, her life and more
of JESUS…..

WE prayed for wisdom of how GOD HIMSELF wanted her
to sincerely use this for HIM.

* Last week she just completed a Dave Ramsey course…smile

We prayed and hugged….she went on her way,
to deliver the bagels to her Grandmother….

Psalms 138: 7
“ Though I walk IN THE MIDST of trouble,
You will revive me; You will stretch out
Your hand against my enemies, with
Your right hand You will save me.”

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Our Choice….. Darkness or Light:


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Just hitting off of some verses in what I read today :
Proverbs 2
1. …..” if you accept my words “ ~ God gives us the
the choice of accepting His Word as truth ~ accepting
3. ….”if you call out for insight, cry aloud for understanding”
** is there a deepness to the desire of wanting God’s
insight , understanding, wisdom into our lives…
as much as worldly wisdom, understanding, insight ?

9….” Understand what is right and just and fair
10. ..” wisdom will enter our hearts
knowledge will be pleasant in our souls
11. …” discretion will protect you
understanding will guard you”
12 …” wisdom will save you from wicked men who

Dark Path Light Path
delight in doing wrong keep righteousness
rejoice in evil ways of good men
crooked live upright
ignore God will remain on this path
house leads to death desire wisdom from God
none who go down it leads to life desire to be in Him

This is in this Chapter…..if we are asking ourselves..
what is going on in our lives and it just seems like it is
DARK….we have to look within ourselves…at our own choices…

My choice last nite :
Rock and I returned from Southern Ohio….where we
cut some trees down, etc. When we get home it is always
the “unloading process”…I was trying to help Rock and
put away his Chainsaw, oil and gas…it goes on the back
Choice = walk on the front porch where the LIGHT was on
through the house and to the back porch
or walk around the truck in the dark, down the walk
in the back, up to the porch in complete darkness. Living there
over 30 years, you “should be able to do this, right ?”
IT WAS COMPLETELY DARK..and the path was there, but I got off it.
and we have big landscaping rocks….well… DOWN I WENT…
shin hit the rocks, gas, oil and chainsaw was on the ground.

MY CHOICE…was…the darkness….

I thought that I…could SEE ….in the darkness.
we are not made by God to see in the dark…

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