What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

“ What is Lacking ?”


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1 Cor. 16:17
“ I was glad when Stephan’s, Fortunatus and Achaicus arrived,
because they HAVE SUPPLIED WHAT WAS LACKING from you.”

What is lacking ?
What is lacking….in what area of your life ?
What is lacking …. in what area of your ministry ?
What is lacking….in what area of your family ?
What is lacking….in what area of your marriage ?
What is lacking…in what area of your own personal life ?

For me ~ it is ministry….
Direction from God alone….
I go to what ever is put in front of me…daily..
But GOD, where do YOU, want UNREINED to go, is there
a plan….a “ way “….am I missing something….
it “feels” like something is lacking…..
Africa had such a spiritual momentum behind it.
I am waiting for The Lord to “ order my steps “
until then….what is in front of me….OH GOD , be in.

So look at this verse again ~

1 Cor. 16:17
“ I was glad when Stephan’s, Fortunatus and Achaicus
because they HAVE SUPPLIED WHAT WAS LACKING from you.”

Who provided what was LACKING ?
People brought what was lacking….
God, ultimately BROUGHT….”what was lacking”

It ARRIVED….it came into….
The supply = what is needed

God , I pray for the one reading this right now.
The one that has something LACKING in something…
oh God, bring how ever YOU WANT, what is lacking…
let it come through the door, let them anticipate..
it coming through the door, from YOU alone…it may
not look like You…..but it is coming…bring, oh
God what is lacking ~to us all, to accomplish The
Will…of God on this earth….bring oh God..
what is lacking, in the name of JESUS CHRIST

HE has done it before, right ?
You made a way, when there was no way…
and I believe
I KNOW You’ll DO IT AGAIN….( go ahead sing it )

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Fired UP……


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One of my life verses, my PASSION, my creed….
just doing this to release the fire inside of me.

1 Cor. 9: 19
“ Though I am free and belong to no man,
I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many
as possible.”

a. there takes away legalism unto ANY MAN….amen?

to the jews i became like a jew
to the ones with the law…I became
to the ones without the law…I became
to the weak….I became

“ I have become all things to all men
so that by all possible means… I might save some.
23. I do all this… for the SAKE OF THE THE GOSPEL,
that I may share in its blessings.”

Not a selfish blessing , share in the blessing
of what comes with another persons salvation !!!

Then it goes on to talk about running the race
with a PURPOSE…..and that in so doing we will
have a crown that will last… for eternity….

This is my desire so deeply….
that I cuff myself to those that JESUS PUTS IN
FRONT OF ME…..their burdens, to carry away,
their souls
to have in my prayers,
taking them to JESUS,
“ Who draws all men unto HIMSELF” …

the fire that burns deep for others souls….
the passion and being open to God,
speak to me, tell me , instruct me, teach me
mold me…direct me and put HOLY FIRE on my words…

What we do in + with our lives …
“ all runners run, but only one gets the prize?
Run in such a way as to get THE PRIZE “

the prize is being a part of souls coming to know JESUS
the prize is being a part of souls coming to know JESUS…

who right now are you “cuffed to” ?
that your soul desire ~ is their soul knowing JESUS…
who right now are you taking their name to JESUS
our lives….solely for souls…

When we stand in front of HIM…
will we get the prize…and the prize is not money,
the prize is not a trophy, the prize will be someone
else in HEAVEN……
PUT THE CUFFS ON and throw away the key.

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Talking with Tug….


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Yesterday we were talking on “downfalls”
Things that have “master over you”…
and we talked like we do..
Tug + Heather, Rock + Janelle

This a.m. ~
1 Cor. 6: 12
“ Everything is permissible for me “, but not
everything is beneficial. “ Everything is permissible
for me” – but I WILL NOT BE MASTERED by anything.”

then it goes into food
then it goes into sexual immorality
our bodies a temple unto the Lord…..

I can remember teaching this to Teens For Christ
kids at Bath, in USP room :
vs. 15
“ do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ
Himself” shall I then take the members of christ and unite
them with a prostitute? Never” ~ 1 Cor. 6:15
vs. 16
“ Do you not know that he who unites himself with a
prostitute is one with her body?”
Pretty self explanitory, they got it….
vs. 17
“But he who unites himself with the LORD is one
with Him in spirit.”

Dissecting that with Freshman to Seniors….
How we go into Worship desiring the oneness…
Study His Word desiring the oneness…
Salvation = ONENESS with JESUS CHRIST….
The Holy Spirit enters US !
and so it is HE GOES EVERYWHERE with us !

I asked them :
Now picture going in with a prostitute….
taking JESUS IN
Now picture making out with your boyfriend…
taking JESUS IN
Now picture making out with your girlfriend….
taking JESUS IN

* How the unity of marriage makes us :
a. one with each other in front of God…
here came, the “ok for sex” time…smile..

it is so vivid where we take the LORD
it is so vivid what we are doing…literally…
When and if we are ONE WITH JESUS CHRIST…
myself included…

take it to food….
take it to our talk…..
take it to our thots…..
take it to every relationship with have,
our friends, spouse, children, family…..

and on a GREAT NOTE….

Today, this year….
I Cor. 6:20
“ you were bought at a price,
“ Therefore honor GOD, with your body.”

@ what price did you get that car ?
@ what price did we receive our salvation ?
“therefore honor God….not ourselves…but
The One, who paid, died , empowers us to live “

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