It has been the path of Janelle’s life that will bring Christ to reality with the groups that she speaks to.

  • Teen pregnancy – that child is now in full-time ministry
  • Almost losing our son Tug,  to chemical imbalance
    Almost losing our son Gabe, to ” 100 % blockage heart attack”
  • 35 years of marriage – being with Rock since 6th grade
  • Youngest of 4 siblings – married Rock (family of 11 siblings)
  • Served God in ministry for 25 years
  • 7 years of teaching in Christian school
  • 7 years of missions work – school outreach
  • Leading mission trips: Trinidad, Puerto Rico and Germany
  • Intimate caregiver to mother with two brain tumors
  • Grandmother of 5 girls and 1 boy
  • Spiritual warfare and the attacks satan brings to a personal level
  • Completion of Institute for Biblical Counseling courses – www.icbcinc.com
    Ministry Now ~ in U.S. :

    • Chaplain 2008 – 2012 .. Marketplace Ministries  : Chaplain in Lima
      area business’… U.S. Plastics, Rudolph Foods, Tom Ahl, Subway,
      N.W. Oil, Lima Pallet…
    • Leading 2 Bible Studies ~ Weekly
    • Discipleship Counseling ~ Ongoing ~ Home Office
  • 2008 – 34 Days in Matisi/Kenya, Africa  – 786 salvations
    Disciple Ship, Leadership Training, Evangelism
  • 2009 – 27 Days in Matisi/Kenya- Africa – 800+ salvations
    Church Plant, Evangelism, Soccer, Crusades, Meetings.
  • 2010 – 31 Days ~ “The sheep will hear my voice, and I will know them, and
    and they will follow me.”   John 10:27
    Raising money to purchase 5 acres in Africa for orphans.
  • 2011 –    26 Days ~Pastor Benson & Dorcas – house is built.
    While in Africa – our 34 yr. old son , Gabe had a
    100% blockage heart attack….2 more minutes….???
    He is fine…….. all glory to God alone.
    257 salvations – ministry in Prison, Folkland area started
    In Folkland even the police will not go in….God is going in.
  • 2012 – our goal is to bring Pastor Benson, Dorcas, Gloria and Rock Laban to the USA.
    I believe there will be more salvations in America.
    I believe the KINGDOM work in Kenya will have a solid foundation of supporters from this year.
    I believe our devoted supporters from ground up, will get to know the heart of Pastor Benson and his family. |
    Melissa Rone has come on board to help with the Medical Clinic.
    Lori McCollum is organizing a motorcycle run…
    Churches will have Pastor Benson to speak the WORD. Tug Taviano along with RUSH CONCERTS – www.rushconcerts.com …. ” Bubba Bash” ~ Bubba and Angie Watson …will join us this year
    in advancing the KINGDOM…..stay tuned for upcoming announcement of events in Columbus, Ohio !
    ….  We will be going to AFRICA ~ Month of  FEB. –  Evangelism – Discipleship – Furthering the
    Kingdom Work in Liyavo……Tentatively 3 are comitted to going w/ me.
    Pray and ask God if He would want you to go !   Approx. cost  $ 2,500.00
    Your choice of  length of stay.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

The foundation of everything Janelle speaks on is from the inspired Word of God. Taking every audience, large or small, to dissecting what the Word of God says on each issue.