2013 –  I will be going to Africa for one month.  The goal is always salvations ~ God’s Word ~ Individuals relationship
with JESUS CHRIST.   Through walking the rural paths to the individuals to share JESUS CHRIST…. Women and
Mens Bible Studies….Dorcas Ministry Growth….Children’s Day Outreach….Orphan Ministry….Prison Ministry..
Church Services…. Ministry Vision & Growth.   Medical Observation for ministry…..  If any of this inspires you…
If God is leading you to truly dive in and see what He has for you….contact me !

2012 It was given to me a year ago…that this year  PASTOR BENSON ~ DORCS his wife,  Gloria his daughter and Rock
Laban should come to AMERICA.   They are to come late May & most of June.  Goal :  SALVATIONS…
Evangelism & Discipleship.
If you would want Pastor Benson to speak at your Church, small group….contact me !
This will be a time for our supporters to get to know the heart of their family, their ministry in Africa.
Motorcycle Run : June 23…… Info TBA
Bubba Bash :   May 29th  –  Bubba Watson  / Angie Watson ~  Columbus, Ohio
Speaking :   New Life International Church ~  ~  June 3rd – Sunday  & June 6th Weds. ~ Lima, Ohio
Union Chapel ~  June 24th  – Sunday ~ Lima , Ohio
Arrive : May 23 – Leave – June 26th – if you would like to show them AMERICA…in your own way…
for a day…contact me !

2011 –  A trip of  digging into to individual lives:
Leadership –  Developing their own worth in the Lord.  Weekly meeting with them
and asking them what the HOLY SPIRIT was speaking to them.  This concept
was foreign to them !
Mens & Womens Meetings –  Obedience to Jesus without hesitation…what is He saying – am I doing it ?
Childrens Day –  Their lives are so hard…I asked a 19 yr. old…what do you do for fun ?
” maybe sleep a bit more”…. Giving them the “in the fire, turning it up 7 times…”
Bible…but never wavering from knowing God is with you.
Folkland –  An area that even the police will not enter because of  murdering and crime.
The lady who was known by the Pres. of  Kenya because of her name in drugs…
found JESUS CHRIST this year.  Many were saved….  The ones who built the house..
came from this area…they were the ones to witness !
Prison –   Seeing over 70 receive the Lord in a very, very cruel setting…HE knows your name !
House –  Built –  ” and they will know that HE IS GOD…”  everything we do…is to let them know God.
One look in comparison to what the houses are in this area….draws them to God.
Our son Gabe –   34 yrs. old….Sat. evening….my Sunday morning before I spoke….
100 % blockage – ” Widow Maker Heart Attack ”   – 2 more minutes he would of died…
“You only live what you believed” – was put to the test once again. He then went to
Cambodia weeks later himself – to serve our LORD…we PRAISE GOD, we PRAISE GOD!
At that moment….God chose Grace !

2010 –  Purchasing the Land……and seeing it for the first time was incredible….
Little did I know, that Benson and a few others BUILT THE CHURCH….out of mud and trees.
We held all our meetings there…..” I will never leave you or forsake you” …
God laid this on my heart for the people to know….HE isn’t going anywhere
We are not going anywhere….
Walking 5 miles daily to get to the land and back….was a challenge , yet a great processing walk.
Pam Klinger went with me this trip…a first for me to have !
Speaking, sharing, testimonies, Evangelism……all touched deeply into the lives of many
Building an actual shop for Dorcas to sell her sewing….
Buying a sewing machine
Buying Benson a motorcycle for his first means of transportation…
Again, holding many meetings, Crusades, small groups…women, men & children….
Many salvations…and growth spiritually…..
God has given us a land to expand the Kingdom of God…..!!

Sept. 30 – Oct. 28, 2009
Janelle went back into the same areas.  This year working with Pastor Benson and Dorcas Simiyu of  “Joy Orphanage and Shchool” .  This time we would again, speak at least 3 times a day.  Speaking in rural churches during the day and holding open market crusades at night.  We seen over 800 souls receive JESUS CHRIST as their personal Savior.

Ben – was going to comit suicide, but walked 9 miles to our crusade.. as he heard the Word of GOD.  He gave his life to the Lord.  Ben traveled with us the next 3 weeks, telling his testimony of being healed of Aids and of boils being gone completely.  Many received JESUS hearing Bens’ testimony.

Edward – walked miles to hear the Word of God being proclaimed, he walked inside the church.  Being literally branded when married to a Devil worshipper in Uganda, that day the scars fell off his body.  This happened as Edward just sat in the back of the church and listened to the Word of GOD.  That night at the Crusade, Edward’s curled up body became straight and tall.  His smile and joy was beyond compare. We then spent time praying and seeking the will of God for what is next for UNREINED MINISTRIES / AFRICA :

  • The start of :  Agape Word of GOD Church – now 28 members strong with women traveling 9 miles to come.
  • 5 Acres of Land on hold to purchase for – “JOY ORPHANAGE”
  • This site we believe is to house Orphanage, School, Medical Clinic, Church, Home

Janelle is in the process of raising  $ 11,000.00 to purchase the land. Upon receiving that she will need an additional $ 4,000.00 to return this year. We are trusting GOD,  for HE IS THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER.

If you are interested in contributing in this work of the Lord for these children and people of Matisi contact Janelle. If you would like Janelle to come and speak, presenting what happens when we say  – YES TO GOD.  She will use her experience and walk with the Lord to challenge your group to seek what GOD could do in your ministry if they would say – YES TO GOD.   To see what GOD could do in your community if they would say – YES TO GOD.   To see what GOD could do in their own lives, marriages and families, if they would say – YES TO GOD.

Sept. 11 – Oct. 14, 2008
Janelle ventured to Matisi/Kenya, Africa

  • Crusades in Matisi
  • Mt. Elgon/ Kimondo
  • Girls School
  • House to House evangelism
  • Kaptoma
  • Bwala
  • Misikhu
  • Sinoko

Salvations – 786 individuals came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  This was the first time Janelle ever went “solo” with the Lord Jesus Christ on a journey of complete faith and obedience.  From speaking to crowds of 5,000 to going ” one on one”.  It was just where ever God lead Janelle to go.  Going into the war stricken area of Mt. Elgon where, that  year they had gouged out eyes, cut off ears, and noses only then to kill the family members.  To see GOD renew life in the souls of the pastors, families and bring the unsaved to Him.  It was very humbling to witness the devastation and yet empowering to see God is truly GOD.