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Posted on May 15,2009 under Africa

Hi mum,

How is Iowa? Hear in Kenya we are quite fine just because of Gods favor.

As you left just after the congregations of Kamukuywa, Kaptama, Sikhendu and Kimondo, God has opened our ways through your prayers.

Keep praying for me especially for my schooling that I may not lack school fees. I am now in my third year in High School. I hope you remember me “Dan”, the one who used to reside with Benson, who was healed and got saved after your evening teachings at Kamukuywa crusade. In spite of that, do you still recall the person whom you used to demonstrate how Cain and Abel were? I was the one who represented Abel during the teachings at Kaptama on October 2009.

I will conclude by telling you that God has led us into a serious project in Singing, Acting etc. And through this, we are reaching many youths to know Christ. We have named this organization (SDNY) Smart Destiny Network for Youths. This has made us to come up with an idea of starting a studio for recording of Gospel Songs though we are not well equipped but stand with us in prayers and any other means that God may enable you to. This is our email – God bless you mum.

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