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Thanks Lima News for the article below!

March 6, 2010

LIMA — She traveled alone, faced threats and went into the mountains of Kenya where just a few months earlier a barbaric tribal war killed off entire families.

Nothing explains why Janelle Taviano would put herself in such situations other than her faith in God and desire to follow him.

“That was the kind of faith god was building in me,” she said. “That you can go anywhere, you can be by yourself, and if God tells you to do it, he will be with you.”

Taviano, of Perry Township, started UnReined Ministries in late 2005. Her goal then was largely to spread the word as a Christian speaker, maybe traveling to do so around the country. Africa was never on her mind, until hearing from a minister in Matisi, Kenya.

In September of 2008, Taviano left by herself for Kenya, spending 33 days speaking to leaders, going door to door talking to people and holding crusades every night. Nearly 800 Kenyans were saved that trip, she said.

“This was kind of a test for Janelle, to go alone with him (God),” she said.

Living in a place with no toilets or running water, Taviano found herself in places most Americans, especially women, would never consider going. She recalls a visit deep in the slums where alcoholics were making their own alcohol.

“They could not believe I would come back there, but number one, they could not believe that Jesus Christ cared for them,” she said.

Taviano returned to Kenya last fall, again by herself. She won’t return again until she’s raised the $11,000 needed to purchase five acres of land to build a medical clinic, school, orphanage, house and church. She’s working with a local Kenyan who already runs an orphanage and school there.

She described 50 children in a classroom, sitting on baseball benches with no paper or other supplies. It didn’t sit well with the grandmother of six and former school teacher.

“I just knew when I was standing there,” she said of her plan. “It was like God sunk it in my soul, sunk it in my heart that this is what I am asking you to do.”

Students at Temple Christian School, where Taviano taught for eight years, are helping to raise funds. They are doing a “Change Africa” campaign, with each class collecting money. Residents can take donations to the school this month, or call 567-712-8938 or visit to donate.

Taviano, who attends New Life International Church, doesn’t know how long it will take to complete the project or where it will take her. Again, she is just following God’s directions and knowing he will walk with her.

“What if we individually would say yes to God every time,” she said. “A farm girl from Perry Township said yes to God and people found Jesus Christ. Peoples’ lives are going to change.”

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Props to Beth and the Lima News for this article. The media sure gets a bad rap sometimes, and writing like this rights the wrongs of the biased. God is good! How awesome to watch Him speak through print / web / television.

Thanks for living a life that backs this story up. Neat to hear of the life the writer is living as well. Apparently God wanted to use the two of you – right now.

Praise the Lord!:) We serve a faithful God, don’t we? What a privilege to “partner” with Him in what He’s doing in lives! Love you, Janelle!:)

I have had the PRIVILEDGE to watch GOD work through this woman for over ten years now, and what a work HE IS DOING…praise God!!!

May we all be inspired to realize in our submission He gains permission and only AMAZING things can happen.

So my hat’s off to THE LIMA NEWS (including the writer of this article), Janelle, Rock and their family, the prayer warriors, and most importantly
G O D ! ! !

So Lord, we thank YOU for moving and providing for this need that YOU have placed on the heart of my Sister. THANK YOU LORD JESUS….THANK YOU!!!

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