AFRICA ~ Reality of a vision……


Posted on : 12-08-2016 | By : Janelle Taviano

Update on what is happening in ” AFRICA ”

Like 2 maybe 3 years ago……
I was walking alone from the house of Benson and Dorcas
to the church…..
A Normal thing is that the worship team is there for
HOURS…..playing, singing,wiring with tape, splicing…etc.
Just their PREP, in their way….it is AMAZING.

so …..
I am walking and hear someone who sounds AMAZING….
I that he sounded like Andre Eglacia ( spelling, I know )
What ?
Who is this singing ?
I walk in the mud door way….look….
and we laughed and laughed ….
and then I sat and about cried………..
” We have got to get this OUT….
YOU have got to follow this, Benson …
This is like, so quality.. all the way around ”

Spiritually HANDS DOWN….
Singing, style, it just DREW YOU IN TO JESUS !

To NOW – many other things have come, taken the money
to pursue this….to make it happen quicker..
went down a road to produce…then it is stopped
then we get back to it…etc.
To NOW….

TODAY….I am sending $ 500.00 USD to :
Rent 2 Tents to house 500 people for the
To pay for a piracy contract – so they don’t steal it
To pay for LUNCH for 500 !!
To pay for 1,000 CD’s made

IT IS COMING ( in Africa, that is a laugh…because it doesn’t
come for like 3 hours… )

* as soon as it is released, I will get you a link…

* Please pray for the anointing on this to do the work of JESUS
Please pray for the next weeks…. for Benson and all to be done
Please pray for those that will LISTEN TO THE TRUTH OF JESUS


and for those that are our PARTNERS of AFRICA !
thank you for sticking with us…
GREAT SPIRITUAL THINGS are still happening…..


THE NEED ~ AFRICA 2014 ~ ” Trip + Truck ”


Posted on : 23-06-2014 | By : Janelle Taviano

Aug. 12 – Sept. 11 2014


Trip = $5,226,00                     Truck = $6,764.00

UnReined Ministries has now officially received their
~ 501 C 3 ~
from the Internal Revenue Service !
We appreciate New Life International Church
for the years of shouldering our finances !

I am coming to you at this time because a
“ Divine Opportunity “ has occurred.

* Pastor Benson’s niece, Vickie , this year has won a Beauty Pageant. In winning that, one of her awards was to receive free “ border taxes “ from Uganda to Kenya. This would allow us to purchase a TRUCK in Uganda (where it is much, much cheaper ) and transport it legally across the borders with no taxation. Thank YOU JESUS ! We have a window of opportunity of 2014. We have beat up the motorcycle we purchased in hauling an overload excesses of great need on rough roads. With God opening NEW CHURCHES…additional travel, additional hauling of equipment and people. Also in future faith of completing the HOSPITAL…hauling of great magnitude…..


* I have also purchased my ticket to
RETURN TO AFRICA ~ 8/12 to 9/11
This years mission will consist of :
Leaders Training – 3 new churches started this year
Namwichula, Mile Nane, Matisi, + Liyavo
3 new churches coming under our Leadership
Women’s + Men’s Meetings
Teens Meetings – all the above will be
3 consecutive day events
food provided each day
Children’s Day – School Celebration
Prison Outreach – Kitale Prison ~
soap, toilet paper, Bibles

Church Meetings – Liyavo and New Churches
Crusades + Evangelism ( Travel for team, food, etc. ) 

Cost Total for TRIP = 2,479.00

* Flight Costs – Ticket Purchased – $ 1,226.64
* Flight ~ Nairobi to Kitale = 2 Adults –
there and back – $ 350.00 total (4 tickets)
Leaving ~ $ 1,171.00 for unseen

Our monthly budget to RUN ~
UnReined Africa
is $ 897.00 a month 2014

2 Pastors / 5 on site workers /
4 Teachers / 1 – 24/7 Policeman

( 40.00 – 70.00 supports their entire family )
Running of Churches, School, Farm, Utilities –
Pastor Benson and Dorcas

  • Through YOUR support we are sending
    this every month !
    We have also done many community
    relief and ministering in addition.

  • WE HAVE SAVED to date =
    $ 5, 574.73 in the bank U.S. !
    ( thank YOU, JESUS)

  • 2014 ~ “Trip and Truck”
    Total =     $ 11,990.00
    In Savings = 5,574.73

    Total Needed = $ 6,415.27

    If you have already given your
    2014 support THANK YOU for
    making it happen !

    If you are reading this and
    the Holy Spirit prompts you……

This is all about this verse :

Romans 9: 22
“ …..I raised you up for this very purpose,
that I MIGHT DISPLAY MY POWER in you and
. “

It talks of what God did freeing the Israelites from
under Pharaoh’s hand. And other nations heard
about it and were in awe. For staying in the TRUTH
in Kenya…for being only about salvation and growing
God’s people….I believe God wants to
“display His power “ in providing this truck for this
ministry and for HIS KINGDOM.

They will be in awe….His name will be proclaimed …..

they will come to KNOW JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD !
In the name of JESUS, amen.

Checks to: UnReined Ministries by :
AUGUST 1 – August 1AUGUST 1

Paypal Account – online =

 Questions =

Address : 5200 Schooler Rd.
                Cridersville, Ohio 45806 

UnReined Board Members :
Joy Beaumel
Chel Brockert
Becky Carter
Deb Kellermeyer
Vickie and Mike Hawkins
Janelle Taviano

Kenya – Africa 2010


Posted on : 09-12-2010 | By : godsmac

~ Africa 2010 ~

John 15:16
“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you
to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.”

(A man went up front in church and pointed to me and read this verse.)
Because of this, we planted a “fruit” tree in the middle of the land.

Spiritually :

  1. Prayed with each orphan the first night, Marcy = salvation
  2. School & Orphanage Day = 21 Salvations
    Distributed balls & Jump Ropes ! !
  3. Peter – a drunk attends church consistently…
  4. Winston – a little boy w/ meningitis – continue to pray for healing
  5. Martine – young man studying to be a Dr.
    travels 7 hrs…to lead worship with us !
  6. The instruments/ sound system/ generator purchased…
  7. Evangelism Teams go to the people surrounding land we purchased
    Team 1 = 15 salvations
    Team 2 = 27 salvations
    Team 3 = 9 salvations
    Team 4 = 0 –  but many came to church
    Team 5 = 0 – but many came to church !
  8. 1 man at his home the night after the teams went out
    accepted JESUS as his Savior !
  9. Soccer Tournament –  32 salvation
    10.  Ladies meetings  +  Men’s meetings = 5 Salvations
    11.  1st Crusade = 25 Salvations
    2nd Crusade = 18 Salvations
    3rd Crusade = 30 Salvations
  10. Land Dedication =  96 in attendance….walked / sang / prayed the
    perimeter of the land…felt like God was parting the waters !Total184 Salvations……

Immanuel ( 52 yr. old teacher )  told me this before I left:
“ When you came to my home….shared JESUS CHRIST with me and my wife….
what you did that day….I will continue to do, to go into people’s homes
and tell them about JESUS CHRIST, the way that you did.”

3 days before my Mom died….Rock and I went to hear Jentzen Franklin speak.
I went to the alter because it was the first time in 15 months that God was showing me
something of the future in my life.   He came over to me and prayed with me.
This is all he prayed, “ go build The Church.”   I did not understand it…..but, now I do !

You see,  God told me in the U.S. to do the Evangelism Day….
I did not know how it would go in Africa….but HE DID !
96 of all ages, came to the church after that day….. of all backgrounds….
farmers who have donkeys to transport the sound system.
Teachers who are mature in the Lord.
Musicians that can play a keyboard.
Women who can sew, cook, pray, sing.   Men who know agriculture.
Men who know our 5 acres, where the rocks are, the water, etc..
Youth who are excited to learn.  Children who desire JESUS CHRIST.
The body of Christ….the family of CHRIST… right now…..
Still doing the work of the LORD in Matisi, Kenya.

The Bibles we bought ?   William said,
“ I wrote down every verse you gave us and went home and studied it, thank you !”
Others walked miles to Pastor Benson’s house,
“ we heard your church was handing out Bibles”
Paul, “ I have never had a Bible in my home, now I do, thank you.”
They held, read, carried those Bibles intensely.
God had to be pleased with their response to His Word.
Imagine them in their mud houses, a candle lit, His Word renewing their minds.
His Word touching their hearts.  His Word, God breathed in their hands…..and homes.

Materially – What we did  ( God, You, the people there ! )

  1. Bought 5 Acres of land = $ 17,000.00
  2. Built a boutique – Pastors wife Dorcas will sell clothes to help support their family –
    Plywood structure in front of their house now.
  3. Bought Brian, a boy,  who at 5:30 a.m. daily,  would be washing our shoes,
    dishes, preparing bath water, carried bags…the whole trip.
  4. Table & chairs made for Dorcas not to cook on dirt floor
  5. 2 beds made for Pam and I to sleep on…will go to orphans & their daughter, Gloria.
  6. Motorcycle for Benson – to reach the rural people around land &  get to church….literally !
  7. 7 Baseball benches made for seating in church
  8. Generator –  power, sound for church
  9. 1 Speaker
  10. Amplifier
  11. Keyboard
  12. 3 Microphones
  13. Podium being built
  14. Shelves for Dorcas’ kitchen….again, pans on dirt floor
  15. 2 doors made for church – so they do not have to cart benches daily
  16. Food for meetings for the people…..rice and beans
  17. Soccer Tournament – refs, prizes, balls
  18. balls & jump ropes for school & orphanage….children SCREAMED!
  19. Bibles for every person in church
  20. Shirts, glasses, hats, purses, – donated by Pam for Dorcas’ boutique
  21. Electricity in their home – Benson would, “jerry rig”,  it nightly – scared me!
  22. Clothing rod – for them to hang clothes in their room.
  23. Tree – Avocado tree planted. where a cross and alter will be on land
  24. Phone bought – While milking the cow…Benson dropped it in the pail
  25. Books – donated for Benson’s library
  26. Medicine – left with them
  27. Video Camera – left with Pastor Benson
  28. Still Camera – given to Sam/ Benson’s brother….
  29. Tin Roof, lumber for the construction of “ Agape Word of Life Church”

Each one of you has seen how GOD daily ordered the steps of this trip.
Now, on the back side of it…..stand in amazement of what HE DID…..
sit in the peace of knowing HE asked you to be a part of it.
Pray for their lives as they continue to spread the gospel in their land.

I can not tell you how GOD impressed on them; it is their land, their people,

their responsibility to take JESUS CHRIST to their nation.

~ Africa 2011  ~

  1. To build a house on the land for Pastor Benson and Dorcas…Gloria and Rock  Laban
    Why?   We have to get them out with the people …
    It is 2 ½ miles – from where he lives to the land.
    With RAIN – intense mud – no car can make it…
    No motorcycle can make it….
    Walking is ……….Theft is bad….
    Carting sound equipment….etc.

He is their Pastor….. they need to be on the land.

We want to take care of the spiritual needs – 1st and always.

Cost =  $ 15,000.00 USD.

Date desiring to RAISE BY :   FEB. 14 ,  2011

Rainy season is from April through Nov. – best to build in the dry season!
If we raise this, we will build the house in APRIL…
( start of season, but hopefully not full scale)

2.  Down the road –

  1. The church on land now, is a “mud church” – smaller bldg…
    Will build a permanent church. – the mud church was cheaper than tents.
  2. Build a School and Orphanage….
  3. Build dorms for the staff and teachers
  4. Build a medical clinic

I feel there is an urgency to get them on the land.

I pray I am obeying what HE is asking me to do.

Humbly following His lead,
Janelle Taviano

I read each supporters name to the 96 in church…
to show them how God laid on your heart, (their heart)
….and that is how much God loves them…THANK YOU!