What would happen if we said YES to God?

This became embedded in my soul when God asked me to go to Africa in September of 2008. The outcome? 786 souls were saved in 34 days! Am I throwing around numbers to impress someone? No. I am throwing them around to proclaim that GOD is GOD. I am just a common individual who knows who she is not, but walks in who HE IS. What is God asking you to do right now? When we know that we know - it is Him asking. Say yes, obey with no hesitation.

5th in the Nation Skooter Rider…..


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I spend alot of fun times at “Skate Parks”
I watch Tug’s son , Tanner ride and ride……
I watch him engage with ALOT of other riders….
Many are older than him, the Tats, the language…
Right in the HUB of HUMANITY….

and I see Tanner smile, I see Tanner look at them
sincerely, and talk with them and ride with them….

Then he gets in the car and we talk and it is just
the best…it is HIS AFRICA…..and I LOVE IT.

Well, yesterday evening his Dad, surprised him
to the complete emotion of Tanner, literally
crying upon site.

The 5th in the Nations “Skooter Rider” came
onto a “live interview Tug set up with Tanner “

if you go to Tug’s site and watch the entire
interview…..you will be drawn into this Skooter
Guys’ LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST, it is infectious…..

A friend posted today:
Prov. 3: 6
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and HE will make your paths straight.”

We all pray for direction, God what am I,
God what should I….God direct me , guide me….

This kid acknowledges God through more than words…
more than actions….more than knowledge and worship…
THIS KID SHOWED ME….. the greatest acknowledgement

JESUS CHRIST spills from his words, his emotion, his compassion
his whole being. HE is not ashamed to be in love with
JESUS. IT WAS AMAZING TO WATCH…. go to Tug’s site,
not for TUG, but for an encouragement, a challenge….

We want HIS direction,
We love to study and “know” Him…
but does our entire being “acknowledge” who HE IS.

I am grateful this “Skooter Guy” and his love for JESUS.
and Tanner….it filled my heart , your tears.

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Fruit in the Winter….


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Taken off the Fruit Tree with no fruit, passage….

My friend in Tennessee told me that her pansies
have never quit blooming all winter…all winter.

I thot, you snot, it is because it never gets cold enough.

But that doesn’t surprise her because she has lived in
the warm state for years……so it is the norm.

HERE….in Lima, Ohio if…if our pansies bloomed all
winter….we would KNOW…..it was an act of God, amen ? smile

How many know, that GOD, GOD can cause the pansied to
bloom in Alaska – if HE wants to…but it would be
“an ACT OF GOD “

UnReined….since Africa stopped 2 years ago ~ entered
“ A WINTER SEASON “….kind of a “freezing of all the growth”
that we had seen in our “SUMMER SEASONS” smile…
and oh …. how you loved to soak up the SON….in The Name of JESUS.

But now, now, now….
I could go on and on….about the PANSIES…..that have

The flower that allowed us to remodel another humble,
humble ministers of GOD…who would not speak their needs..
but said, “ We were waiting on God, because we knew, HE knew “..
and God showed THEIR NEED to me…
and God showed “a need to woman out of state to supply the
resource “ … from The Source…..

The flower of the someone who lost their parent…
and gave CASH so that nothing could be “regiven” to them…
and gave the VERSE that God told them to go with this money…
and it went to a single Mom of 5 in Lima…

The Pansy…..of and individual that lost her husband and moved…
and gave part of her household as she moved….to UnReined…
to give to those that have need ( in subzero, in subzero weather..
did God give us that ) smile…

The Pansy ….of the person who I sent an email to a group, stating
a need of others, who DID NOT ….get the email….and texted
me in 5 days, asking if there was a NEED ?

The Pansy ….of me sending money to AFRICA, because my schedule
was so tight …( LOL ) of The Retreat, Tug’s Birthday, and such…
so I sent it ahead to “get the things in time for our mission “
and it sat….in Benson’s account… sat….
and the Virus HITS….and AFRICA….imagine, living in rural
Africa, no refrigerators….no no money, go government stimulus,
no clean water to even……no masks, no soap handy…their.
medical system in the rural…..and the Pandemic…and you are ordered
to stay in , and they don’t issue a fine….they may hit you,
they may…who knows…and Benson, Dorcas, Gloria, Rock, Tanner
and JOY….and our Teachers and Dr.’s and Nurses and Church members..
have no way ….BUT GOD IN THEIR….but GOD IN THEIR ….
but GOD IN THEIR WINTER….smile…..

last one , smile

The Pansy….the text…” Janelle is there anything I can do?”
and I know she was so wide open….so wide open to what ever…
“check is in the mail” ….and it will go to the ones that
God knows it is their winter and HE ALONE, will cause, will
empower….The Pansy to bloom

There are more Pansies….a little girl in Africa who’s
Mom, was scalped by her Dad….her Dad broke literally
her Mom’s back….and we took her in, provided for years..
for her Grandma to supply her a home, built them a home…
schooling…..then the “WINTER HIT “….and Benson
took her in his home….and God told someone in a
different state of America….to provide for her
2 years of Schooling, clothes, and notepads and
health supplies…..”In HER WINTER “…

for Pansies in The Winter……why ?

HE IS GOD in all seasons….
I ask, right now, in the Name of JESUS,
what ever the season is in your own life…..
in your own life…..
I am asking for a pansy to bloom….
YOU GOD, know the ones, that need the supernatural
POWER OF GOD….to bring life…in their winter….
a Marriage
in grief
in relationships in families
in families in the hospital facing the extreme
in our NATION, the WORLD oh God
YOU ARE GOD OF THE WINTER….we put our trust in YOU.

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on Monday……


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Thinking of how JESUS “could of acted on MONDAY”
** if He wasn’t JESUS, and maybe more like us ….

He could of said, “ SEE I TOLD YOU…I “
Did you see “ How I showed satan …who I was ?”

But being Jesus Christ….
But being Jesus Christ ( and who we should be more like ) right ?

Luke 24: 36 – 51

He asked for something to eat, from those who doubted…
He ate with them…..sat with them…..
He quietly showed them his nail pierced hands
Told them how He had to do everything like God wanted
and fulfill His plan…

* favorite part ~
45. “ Then He opened their minds so they could
understand the Scriptures. “

He continued to live for others to see God.
He continued to live for others to see God.

After His death
After His resurrection, defeating satan, overpowering….

He continued to live for others to see God.

He stayed in all of who Jesus Christ is..
All power , all obedience, all humility,

and in the end…

vs. 49
“I am going to send you what my Father has promised;
but stay in the city until YOU have been clothed

not keeping it to Himself …

Now He has taken all that He came to do…
Walk on earth as JESUS CHRIST
Rise Again, defeat satan and death
Paid the price for sin

and then HE gives us His power….

He never said, “ SEE WHAT I….”
He said, “ Here have what I…..”

What will we live on earth ~ in ?
How will we live on earth ?

I always say about my Mom…. I will honor her
the most by living my life out, the way she raised
me in Jesus Christ.
I will worship Jesus Christ the MOST…by living
out the way that HE has in all reality, all spiritually
that HE DIED and ROSE again to …”give me.”

Say, “ it ain’t over “…….

Ask Jesus today to :
“ open

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