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Today…….in Africa :

Backstory – Christi + Matt McGuire, Mia + Mary-Allison….
of Florida….

Sponsored 9 yr. old EDNA Nasamba of Liyavo, Kenya.

Benson and Dorcas at one point truly thot of adopting her.
A. The Dad would beat and beat the mom.
B. Shaved her head with a broken beer bottle
C. Almost broke her back… ribs, etc. badly….
D. Children in the home being neglected.

Christi and Matt wanted to sponsor a child in Kenya…
* just lead by the HOLY SPIRIT, no program in place.
We left it to Benson’s discernment….
He came back to us…” we know Mum ~ EDNA ”

Christi , ” we will trust Benson ”

So for over a year they have sent money monthly..
and monthly EDNA….has been taken care of.
She was placed in her Grandmother’s home
Food, clothes and schooling…

You can go to : www.unreined.com
To see Edna in the video….


Edna’s Father – DAVID SHERAKA…. GOT SAVED !!!

Benson ~ ” Edna’s father came to church last week…
I seen him there ….Today I looked in the back and
I seen that he had come again….I had to talk to him
after church. Because of what KREESTEE ( Christi )
has done….what we have done for his child….he
came to church, he accepted JESUS CHRIST. Yes, he
did Mum. ”

Hearing the Holy Spirit…
Obeying the Holy Spirit…
Spiritual Results = OUTCOME….

WE thank the LORD
Please pray for David Sheraka…..
Continued hunger for a life lived in and for JESUS !

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Praise God. May he be a modern day Saul-Paul! Once the “chief of sinners”, now a believer!
Reminds me of something I heard once. One person can’t change the world, but you can change the world of one person. May God give him strength to stop abusing his wife, for her salvation, for a whole family one day- physically and spiritually together. “…whatever you have done to the least of these (Edna), you have done it unto me!”

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