~~ 155 Salvations in NaMwichula !


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Na mweh choo lah !   Despite who we are, in our weakness’s–s-s….
HE IS STRONG…again, LIVING OUT… IT IS GOD ….who draws all men unto HIMSELF.

We made the ” experience and back”…..
The culture of ” no time ” is simply overwhelming…
Their heart to do the work of the LORD….
Taking, a van FULL, a car load, sending some to the
main road to walk and take a Piki Piki ( motorcycle )
with a 6 month old baby on it….
Taking a truck…with speakers, people on top of the
back cab….and 13 packed in a small TOYOTA …
and the driver, driving to prove to MUZUNGU’S….
Mtn. roads…..seriously …..” let me out ” !

113 were saved the first nite….
seeing older men come to know the LORD, just thrills me.
I could just stare into the lives of those…..
as they trust JESUS CHRIST !

We walked ( Deb with her foot in a “BOOT” )
Up the mountain, to Dorcas’ Uncles house…
We were given a full 9 x9 room, with mats on the floor.
We layed and clapped and laughed as they all were
outside singing the worship songs Deb taught them.
They mimicked ?  Benson’s style…kids are kids everywhere !

As the others, 30 or more,  selpt on the floor, with no blankets,
They said, ” we huddled together , we too were warm ”

Linda came with Daniel, her baby son….to be a part of the
“team” ….a teen herself that would go to a church very early
to clean, only to be raped by the Pastor !
Many wanted to put the baby in stagnant water…
I held Daniel this morning and thot of the MAN OF GOD…
and how He will love and serve JESUS …..amen.

42 were saved today, JUST as…. the rain began to pour….
Then the mud slick roads back….” experience” but good.
Hadn’t ate for 2 days….so a bit “worn” ….stomach and rd trips…
Cold shower……and God renewed……smile, seriously !

Excited for our last Church Service !
24 Chickens to give ~  thanx Shelly !!
TOILET PAPER for all ~  individuals @ RUDOLPH FOODS !
BIBLES for ALL…..to each of YOU, that has given…
( they came 1/2 way acrossed KENYA , today , just in time !)
THE WORD OF GOD, THE WORD OF GOD..in their hands !!!

Not to forget,  a NEW SOCCER BALL and NEW UNIFORMS
to our church team CHAMPS !

The challenge tomorrow :
” you can’t just show up and play soccer on game day….
here is the ball to practice, no excuse….
you can’t just show up and show JESUS to others….
We need to be “TRUE FOLLOWERS”……
here is HIS WORD, that renews our minds,
changes us SPIRITUALLY….speaks the truth…
no excuses ”

Please pray……it is going to be a GRAND DAY of the LORD !

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Praise The Lord! Will keep praying! Be sure to eat to keep your strength up so you can do
His work! Love you.

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