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Just wrote the “Men’s” teachings for AFRICA…..
Herod……John the Baptist…..

John the Baptist calls out Herod for living with his brothers wife.
Herodias ‘=   Philips wife….  #1  generation of manipulators
Salome =  #2 generation of manipulators

Salome used what she had within herself to manipulate,
hit the buttons of Herod.
Herodias – didn’t even mind using her own daughter to get what she wanted.

This is a cry to us women – to KNOW the INFLUENCE we have…
to keep ourselves in check….not to use it for evil.
This is a cry to MEN –  to be very aware of your weakness to women.

Hence = Adam
Hence = Herod

then he caves…and foolishly gives her what SHE WANTS…..
because of him caving…..a man of God dies….
because of Adam caving….the will of God was jeopardized.
if you as a man caves…..something will not line up with the will of God…

Salome – was influenced by her MOTHER….. !
take note…even older youth…..
Manipulations allowed for 2 generations……

and that alone, never goes WITH ~  The will of God .

Herod walked into the TRAP….once IN THE TRAP….
He chose not to get out…
Before he got in ….

He could of walked around the trap
He could of Jumped over the trap
He could of STOPPED before the trap…….but HE CAVED.

Then how he would look overwhelmed the ISSUE of Manipulation…
and the man of God – John the Baptist
and the will of God –  the Word going out through John the Baptist…

WAS STOPPED….beheaded…..and all seen it on a platter.

Manipulation never, never, never is in the will of GOD.

Our own salvation is not manipulated…..
but …..  look at Eve….and her influence ( sounds alot softer and kinder )
look at Herodias to her own daughter
look at Salome, who used her own talents of dancing…..
They each were well aware of their own strengths of influence….

Men –  what is influencing you ?
is there anyone manipulating you ?

Women –  ME INCLUDED !!!!
are we using our strengths…to influence against God’s will ?
are we well aware of how vulnerable our men are ….and do it anyways ?
are we staying out of God’s way to our men ?

* this was totally written for a purpose in Africa…a situation….
but yet, it is so true in AMERICA as well…..wouldn’t you say ?

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