2 months to GO …. AFRICA 2010


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The excitement is building…. 
      6 of the messages are in INK…. and GOD can do with them what ever HE LIKES….
         When we get there !  

Needs Still :
  1.      $ 460.00  to purchase a TENT !  
             To hold church, Crusades, meetings – 
               and for Benson to keep
                to Start to hold weekly Church Services
                on God’s Land….
           HE  purchased this year !
    2.      $  800.00     = Amplifier – Keyboard – Speakers 
                                           Talk about WORSHIPPING GOD ! 
                                            It is amazing….. IT IS HIS PRESENCE …..IT is AFRICA !
   3.    $   376.00 –  Bibles for people in Church…. I SO.>>SO want them to have their own !
                                    Our first 3 meetings is on KNOWING GOD….
                 ( 76.00 more needed for BIBLES…. Thanx – Jim & Louise Clapper )
   4.     $ 50.00 –  for a bed…. I will sleep in and then give it to ” ROCK LABAN ”  smile !

AFRICA 2010 =   Saturating the area around the 5 ACRES –
   the Lord Provided this YEAR
    people right now, arewalking into Matisi to go to Benson’s CHURCH…
   So we are going to put a tent on – ” THE LAND”
   And spiritually pour into the entire area around the land:
1.  KNOWING GOD –  3 nites of meetings
2. 3 days –  Witness Workshops –  Getting them full of JESUS
                                                    Then going out into the neighborhood
                                                     Church the next day !  SALVATIONS !

3. Mens Workshops –  2 nites
            Listen, Trust, Obey, Worship
                Principles God uses for life that 
Womens Workshops – What is the world telling you, you are…
                       Who does God say YOU are ?
                          Prostitutes, Single Mom’s, Abandoned Wives….
5.  Celebration Sunday –  Dedication of Land…a DAY OF WORSHIPPING JESUS CHRIST…
                                                    “OUR PROVIDER”

6.  Crusades –  Evangelism –  4 nites – 
                            Salvations, Salvations, Salvations……

And there are open dates to let the HOLY SPIRIT fill as HE desires….

Luke 19:10  ” He came to seek and to save the LOST”

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It’s so exciting to think of what God will do again this year! Praying expectantly with you, Janelle!

Wooohoooo!! Praying!!

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