#2 – People of Liavo = Justus


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His Testimony :
Hi, I am Justus, I am saved , Jesus is Lord…
Before I was saved
I hated things of the church, but for sure….
Pastor Benson visited me…I seen what was different in him than others
He came and gave me materials….

I am changed…..I got saved
I was selling thing in my shop, people came from Mt. Elgon…. ( a group of guys)
They came and stopped at my shop with guns
There were people outside of my shop
A man entered with a gun, He came in firing…
Inside where we are, But I know …Noone has the ability to dodge a bullet
The distance be twee me and that man was 3 meters….9′
I don’t know what made the bullets not hit me…
I know GOD protected me, I came out safe…
They were arrested , I started to live normally again

After a period of time
Someone sold me a phone, I was convinced that man was a good man who sold it to me..
I called a relative, one had been hit by a vehicle…come quickly
When I came to the hospital, I fell into the hands of the police
They took me to the police station…
YOUNG MAN…because you have evidence..
2 Things will happen    1. You will be put in prison for life
2.  you will be hung.

According to the law of this country….those are the two things for a man with evidence
on him of a robbery…. 1. You will be put in prison for life   2. You will be hung

But I told them…. ” I am coming out of this w/ no bribes”   ( to anyone in the prison )
They liked me and even called me Pastor in teh prison
Only a few officers gave me hope and encouragement
Others harassed me..
I went before the judge , a hearing….and I said, ” I can’t say much but God is my witness”

The judge laughed and I was to be released.

The man who took me in…..told another story
I was put back in !

All that period, I had FAITH IN GOD
After time:   ” I have not enough evidence
I want to do away with this case”  the judge said.

I know in my life….that ” all things work together for good to them that love the LORD”

I know that everything that happened to me
was not to destroy me,   but to PREPARE ME…..

The Prosecuter had an accident, He died in the accident…..

so, I started –  a ” fresh”

And God hs been their supplying my needs , amen.

Justus is about 6′ 4″ , with a big beautiful smile….he is humble….
He now has been hired by Pastor Benson, to paint the house, inside and out..
He has an income by the grace of God….and our ministry…you, Benson and Dorcas…..God…

The house built this year…is being built by ” TESTIMONIES”    I LOVE IT…

Do you feel, feel…what YOU GUYS are doing over here ?
WE are so grateful….your dollar ~ into shillings ~ into lives changed, really changed….amen !!!!!

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