2 Things…. I ask :


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Prov. 30: 8
“ Keep falsehood and lies far from me = 1
give me neither poverty nor riches = 2
but give me…. ONLY…my daily bread.”

If you could ask God for 2 things…
Why would it be these 2 ?

In periods of my life…I get on creeds with
things….and for the last 2 years I have been
literally praying deeply for TRUTH…for TRUTH
to be revealed…. in certain areas, in areas
that arise…I go to praying…” may truth be

Not my truth in what “I think is right “….

Why is that such an important CREED…

John 8: 32
“ Then you will know the TRUTH …
and the TRUTH will set you free “

Truth in salvation – POINT ONE…

Take your most pressing area that you have
NO PEACE IN…..what would happen in that area
IF…..REAL TRUTH….was revealed to the party
that is living lies or believing lies ?

What would happen if all the way through it…
THE God TRUTH….. was revealed , received and lived ?

John 8: 32
“ Then you will know the TRUTH …
and the TRUTH will set you free “

You would have PEACE, deep PEACE

1. Lies – can come through to us, in our own voice,
inside our head…the way “we think”, “have thought” ,
“ are thinking “ can honestly, NOT BE TRUTH…
2. Lies – can be accepted as your “NORM”….it
is just the way it has been for so long …and a
lie has been accepted as a foundation to live on.

Ask yourself :

Do I have PEACE ?
Am I living in FREEDOM ?

If the answer is no….ask GOD HIMSELF
to “reveal TRUTH”…to whom ever….
not my truth….but God’s TRUTH….

and watch…
when the truth IS REVEALED and ACCEPTED….
with no condemnation, judgement…but sincerity …

Peace will follow…
Freedom will follow…. in The Name of JESUS CHRIST.

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You are very right about lies. Sis I’ve had lies spoken over me through others and through my own thoughts. Knowing the truth is a battle. It seems easy just know it. But our weapons of warefare are mighty not carnal. We often use the wrong weapons. I’ve recently started focusing on equipping myself with more prayer, more word, it helps me see the truth. It gives me a different perspective on what I’ve been going through. Man can only see through his or her own eyes until God opens the eyes of our understanding through His spirit.
I’m excited to SEE more of the truth being unveiled in my life. I want more truth.
Thank you for sharing this Janelle???

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