3 lost donkeys = ONE…divine appointment


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1 Sam.9 – this whole chapter is about GOD…
God guiding our lives….down to the smallest of details…..

Saul lost 3 donkeys….. and searched and searched..
he was gone so long in the ” search” that they worried ,
his dad would start to worry about them…
    **  has your life taken a turn…that maybe you just can’t make out….
           why you are going in the direction you are going ?
    ** you are looking for something…and you can’t find it..
            and it is consuming all your thots, your time….

Keep walking….just keep walking…

A servant told Saul…to go talk to Samuel….
            * listen to even the smallest of persons in your life….
              God can use them to guide you to His path…

Saul and the servant went to a man of GOD…..
God had prepared Samuel to get Saul in the right position…
      ” the day before Saul came, the Lord had revealed this to Samuel.”

Upon the sight of Saul,  God told Samuel – “this is the man” = Saul.
Samuel invites Saul to eat with him….
Saul’s response =  ” why do you say such a thing to me?”

Saul =  ” I am not this, I am not that, ”
                ( we already know who we are not, what we are not capable of)

But what GOD…GOD has instore for our lives…… 
               HE WILL :  
a.  plant the seed of HIS plan…into our Samuel’s mind and heart
b.  He will speak through someone…to us..what ever to get us to that spot…
             ( we need to constantly ask God to help us HEAR HIM )
c.  Saul obeyed and went…. Saul got himself to the place ….
d.  A spiritual appointment…with spiritual power, insight, and direction…..

 The thing that put Saul in a tailspin, ( losing the Donkeys )
    was the exact thing that GOD used to get him to a divine intersection….

God today, if something goes wrong, help me to relax…to just give it to You..
help me to “walk it out”….Your Word always says –  YOU WILL GET US THROUGH –
   Let me hear you through a grandchild, a person that maybe I would not think
that You would use to GUIDE MY LIFE…..
   Let me clean my ears to hear…to desire…to go…to obey…. 
   Guide each one that reads this today…in their lives…
   Guide them to go where YOU need them to go…to take YOU…
            to speak, to touch, to listen…to give their world –  JESUS…..

The end of this Chapter ends :
   Samuel to Saul –  ” but you ( Saul ) stay here awhile, so that I
may give you a MESSAGE FROM GOD.”

Put us in that spot – to get the MESSAGE for us individually, FROM YOU.

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