#3…..People from Liavo


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Andrew……32 yrs…tall…..works on Benson’s house…..
Andrew came from Folkland…where the police are scared to enter….
and the criminals live freely….

Here is his testimony in his words :

” Thank God because of this ministry,   I really had anger.
I wanted to be with a Pastor who preached the word of God.
They are those that claim to be
But they are Ballon Prophets
We stopped going to church at all
My wife and I prayed for a church who preached the Word

We walked out of the house a certain sister directed us to here.
Before this church she had allergies, she scratched all the time when it was cold
Our house had no peace.
She dreank 5 liters of her medicine
1st time we stepped in this church , I heard Pastor Benson teach about
To put it in God and not in man

When we got home – it got cold,  she did not scratch again.

MARCY :   She is Benson’s brother who died….daughter….
Last year she received JESUS as her SAvior…before that she had intense migraines
She would never look you in the face, she would hardly speak…. everyone looked down on her…
( she is one I have been drawn to from the start,seriously !)

To see her get up in front of a whole church and testify what the LORD has done ?   WOW

”  I like to say thanks……..last year
When I was not able to concentrate on my studies
Everyone had entered the class
I had severe heaches and could not concentrate
After attending meetings and hearing the Word of God….
It entered my heart and I believed.
And I believed GOD
Now I am excelling in my class
The teachers can not believe it.

I want to thank God.

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