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Two days ago, Deb and I sat and listened to Benson :
” you should know of a few things that are going on
around this area”

Benson told of a 3 yr. old little girl that comes to our school
The teachers noticed that she had blood on her.
They told the Mother and she came to the school.
She said it was the other little boy.

So the teachers brought the little boy to them.
The little girl said, ” no – no”
Dorcas took her alone, she said, ” no- no”

So Matron a teacher went to her house,
It was around 7:30 at night,
Matron,” Where is the little girl?”
The Grandpa, ” she is at her Aunts”
Matron, ” how will she get home – who will bring her ?”
Grandpa, ” she walks through the maize fields.”

Benson, Dorcas, the Teachers…..did not leave up….
They found out…..
“There are those that wait…..”
” There are those that wait….”

The mother is working…
No one is tending the children……..
Their desire is of self.

They continued to forge through this whole mess….
To find out it was a boy in our school that waits in the maize.
He is not a regular at our school, his parents work…and do
not keep on top of whether he truly comes to school….they
work, come home drunk…etc.  So the little boy skips school
to go the “maize field”…..again, where the little 3 yr. old girl
walks home by herself.

The parents hid their son, took him to another place.
The Grandmother came under conviction and came to the school.
They went to the parents and said, “if you are not committed to
your children…his life will be ruined”
They want him to be allowed back in our school, that truly
desires to raise up children of God.
Benson, ” this may be learned from to other boys…..we have to
chart a way for this child.”

Benson also got ALL parents to come to a meeting…
To make them aware of what is going on at this age…..
Parents are not concerned, committed to your children.
He put out and issue, ” we will have a meeting with the
Chief of this area and ALL parents.”

The parents come home drunk do what ever they want
in front of the children, the children then go out and
practice what they are seeing.

After this,  we let GOD BE GOD…….
Womens Meeting –  The Character of GOD
Mens Meeting – The Character of GOD
Ruth ~ Moabite stayed true to JESUS Christ….
her character never changed because of despair.
Her character never changed…..

Judges 21:25
” in those days Israel had no king; everyone did as
he saw fit.”

It was corruption, chaos, despair……
No excuse in AFRICA…..
No excuse in AMERICA…..
3 yrs. old, walking alone in a maize field….

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That breaks my heart. Unbelievable. God help them all.

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