~~~ 30 Shillings………


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Reading in Matt. 26 : 15

” What are you willing to give me if I hand HIM …….
over to you ? ”
So they counted out for him thirty silver coins.”

I looked over on my little stand that Pastor Andrew had made
each of us, for by our bed.   There was my pile of “shillings”….
I had 26.
I scoured for 4 more….only to find 3……
” God if You want me to write this….with all of YOUR POWER behind
it.  Let me find 1 more…..I found it….in my red passport carrier ”

To put what God challenged me in looking straight into 30 shillings.
Literally…..on my stand.
“What would I / Janelle, sellout JESUS CHRIST for ?
Then on down…(vs. 26) ~ ” Jesus took the bread and gave thanks and
broke it….take eat this is MY body.”  vs. 27 .  “Then He took the cup…
drink from it all of you.  This is MY blood of the covenant……when I
drink it anew with you in MY FATHER’S KINGDOM.”

I got up at 6:15 to engage into Corrie Ten Boom’s last book I am
reading here….how Corrie would NOT SELL OUT…..
Not, when death stared her in the face,….she would NOT SELL OUT…

He showed me as in her book, the same message this a.m.
The death of JESUS CHRIST –  Corrie’s suffering in Concentration Camps.
The power of the BLOOD OF JESUS –

How satan tried so many times in her life….
that demons , the powers of darkness were trying to torment and
contain her sister Betsie and her, in their barrack…
but she cast them out away from her..
By the power of the blood of JESUS CHRIST.

Rev. 12:11
” they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb…..”
Corrie knew that she had the protection of the blood of the Lamb
starring at death,  Whenever she would be attacked….
she rebuked who was attacking her, ” satan “……

” by the time the time the prayer was over, we both felt covered
by the blood of the Lamb.”

The shillings lay on my little table….
They will travel back to the U.S. with me……
as a reminder….of what Corrie Ten Boom endured…and had victory.
as more of a reminder of what JESUS CHRIST….ENDURED….
and had victory…….

and for me NOT TO SELL OUT…..be overcome….but
press , press , press to take communion~ NOW….in the
and in the~ future, the covenant, IN HIS KINGDOM…

30 silver coins they sold JESUS CHRIST.
30…..His death, His resurrection is worth….
not selling out,  but BEING SOLD OUT to what
HE gives us to “live in ” ….and never, ” give in.”

in the only~ Name~
above every name,  JESUS CHRIST !

30 silver coins ?
30 shillings ?


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POWERFUL! HIS POWER REINS! Thank you, Janelle.

II Cor. 6:2 “Behold, now is the favorable time; behold, ow is the day of salvation.”
I had this note on a card with 2 chairs. It reminded of our times of just sitting and talking and sharing what we anted for our children. Praying you will be able to teach those women there the same love and friendship with each other.

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