36 Years !


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That just sounds like alot of years to be with ONE PERSON !  smile…
We have been together 6 more years on top of that, since I was 12 yrs. old !
1 yr. older than LIVI !

It is the mystery of God….it is what the covenant made in front of God at our wedding…
meaning it, believing it and hanging on to ….that GOD is truly in the middle of this marriage !

This past vacation to Branson…a couple of weeks ago…..made me realize just how much…
We truly are one….just how  much we truly have been married 36 yrs.

Rock has really been sick for the last 3- 4 weeks ( kind of getting over it now )…..
but on vacation he would get up –  between 10 – 11 and be back in bed by 5:00…. daily.
He just didn’t feel good…..
and so, we did what we could,  no agendas….just let him sleep….let him do what he could.
and if he was worn out, our stomach, not feeling good, we went back to the cabin.
It didn’t ruin our vacation, no one was upset,  we both wanted the other to just be comfortable….
and I realized…..this is what years of being together, years of loving the other person….more than yourself does.

It lets you RELAX….
It lets you truly enjoy the others well being…
It lets you feel that peace of caring…and in caring it gives you such satisfaction….
The other half completes you…..the other half / Rock makes me whole….

That is God’s plan of marriage….
Mark 10: 8
” they are no longer two, but one ”

If we truly get this…..seriously….
Then when Rock feels bad,  I FEEL BAD….and if Rock needs to stay in the cabin, then so did I…
I truly felt that…no desire to leave him….to himself….
THIS IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD….only in Christ…..only truly living out…the way that GOD intends
marriage to be.

Call it old school,  call it whipped, call it what ever you like…
But I am telling you, there is no more satisfaction in the world to me…. ( outside of Jesus, soul winning, etc )
than taking care of ROCK TAVIANO…….
I love  every bit of it……seeing his needs met…..

And in return, I could not have asked for a better provider, hard worker,  companion, &  friend…..
He takes very seriously that he was to provide for Gabe, for Tug and for me……

I pray the LORD HIMSELF, blesses the man I married 36 yrs. ago , July 16 1976
I pray the LORD HIMSELF,  protects his health, his life.
I pray the LORD HIMSELF , provides for him to retire and relax….
I pray the LORD HIMSELF, that Rock Taviano loves JESUS CHRIST more than me……
and he does…..and to watch that unfold in the last 36 yrs….has been an amazing journey….

2 boys that prayed for their Daddy every night….
Now see the fruits of their prayers….
Thank YOU JESUS, for Rocky Taviano…..you have blessed me so much with this man !

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I too am thankful for the years you two have been together. It has not always been easy years. Yes, it’s the committment that never ceases to amaze me. GOD himself allowed you two to stay together and be that one that you are now. I pray too you both have a long and happy life together. Being there for each other as you have been. I am thanking our God right now for blessing you both and that HE will continue to bless you and yours. Rocky, my little brother…I am praying for your health. I love you both so much. XOXO


Happy, happy anniversary to two of my favorite people in the world!! Love you guys!! (and you’re killing me with the one-year-older-than-Livi thing!)

Blessings! Happy Ann!

Very touching and beautifully said. Congratulations and Well Done!

Well said faithful friend! What a beautiful truth it is, to share your loved ones life for such a period of time. Fred and I will celebrate 43 years August 23. I have spent over 2/3’s of my life with him and I can’t imagine being without him. God has blessed us as he as blessed you and Rock with unconditional love. I pray there are many more years for the 3 of you and the 3 of us for without Christ we cannot make it on our own. Love you sister! Keep praising the Lord, HE IS FAITHFUL!

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