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HE Talks:
Eph. 1: 9
   ” and HE made known to us the mystery of His will 
     according to His good pleasure,….”

I love the wording….” the mystery of His will”…..
We spend so much time trying to “figure out His will for our lives”
God’s grace ENABLES us us to even understand His divine will.
The insight into His DIVINE NATURE ~  us as humans ? 
   God’s revelation
   God’s insight

So that we can grab hold of…really get..
   His divine purpose in our life today…
  That will effect people spiritually !
  That will effect us spiritually !

His hidden spiritual “mystery/ truth”
by God’s revelation to us.

The things of Heaven to earth….
through Him to us !…
 Amazing…. His design…..

If that is not humbling in its self….
If that does not “jack” us up to live this day in HIM alone.
If that does not excite us to live in His fullness today.

It compels us to be in His Word, In prayer, walking in the Spirit…
to know the things of the Spirit, of God, of Christ….so that
we today…..can have spiritual impact on earth.

 Joh 10:27
   “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:”

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