$ 50.00 today = $ 5,205 needed to purchase land !($ 500.00 more today thru PAYPAL….added in previously…but it is “in the bank ! now” thank YOU !


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  Reading J.I Packer’s book :  ” KNOWING GOD ”

     If we truly know God…then we KNOW – that  “Heaven Rules”…
that God’s hand is on history at every point….that
HISTORY  is no more than –  ” HIS – STORY”,  
the UNFOLDING of HIS eternal plan, and that the Kingdom which will triumph
in the end is God’s.
   That HE will have the last word,
both in all nations and in the destiny of every individual man.

So, with Africa it is   –  HIS  – STORY………
        with our children –  it is – HIS STORY…….
        with our own life’s – it is – HIS STORY………..

Another part it said….
     ” The question concerns our  OWN MOTIVES…and INTENTIONS…..
What is my ultimate aim and object in occupying my mind with these things
( studyingGod’s Word ) ?  
what do I intend to do with my knowledge about God, once I have it ?

What is OUR MOTIVE…..in our relationship with GOD ?
            Help my life be easier GOD?
           Be there every time I pray and need or want something…
          even if I didn’t give you 5 minutes?
           Guide my life to where I want to go….but when I get there…
           I will take the glory and not take every person to YOU , JESUS ?
           To know GOD to show others……
                                           I am in the “holy huddle more quarters than you ?”

I spent yesterday at the cabin, on the dock….
so enhanced with absorbing  this, 
thinking about thisand asking the HOLY SPIRIT –
search me and know if there is any wicked way in me !

If GOD supplies the money for the LAND,
then it is HIS LAND and  ” HIS – – STORY ”
should be the only thing told, spoken, taught, walked…
for it is HIS , the children are HIS, the staff are HIS…the LAND IS HIS.

What is our motive in our relationship with JESUS CHRIST ?   seriously ?

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