7,000 Bricks………..


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Just getting off the phone with Pastor Benson….
I gathered the information I needed to finish filling out the form to apply for:

1.     “Hydromissions Project Application ”  –  to dig a reliable well.
( we have gotten shafted by a local businessman ) yep !
what satan intended for harm….. God will turn into GOOD, amen.
( please pray – for this to go through, thank you ! )

2.    Passports :   Benson traveled to Eldoret to take his applications for himself, Dorcas, Gloria, Rock Laban.
He did not have enough information, he traveled back home.
The 4 went back the next day….to anyone else, smile
2 week minimum wait to process ~  THEY WENT HOME WITH THEM !
The people of the office, filled it out for Benson, did everything for them…
Can you say ~ ” FAVOR OF GOD ? ”

When I left Africa….God in a devotional time with Him….gave me the word ” EXPEDIATE”
and today, I sit in my office and spiritually laugh, in joy….in great joy….
at what God is doing for the people of Africa, amen.
NEXT :  EMBASSY – from Benson
EMBASSY – from Bishop Darnell Williams /  New Life International Church

( we have to prove that our entire heart is that they will return to Kenya ….)

cont. phone conversation:
Benson, ” we have started a ministry of faith here ….we have built 7,000 ….
7,000 bricks for the Hospital.  From our land , from our own land.”

Benson never amazes me, because his faith is so deep…it is the ” air he breathes “…
what he has…for what he can not see….faith.

He said,  ” God is teaching the people of our church to do with what they have and
they are building their own bricks.”  amen

Me, ” Benson how is God ministering to you ?”
Benson, ”  all the answers I need the Holy Spirit has”.  God confirms what He says
if I will trust Him,  If I acknowledge Him.  I was reading in Proverbs 3  and He spoke into
my heart.  Look to Him for direction in everything.   For my health, for our needs……”

and the phone cut off ………..

5 fishes
7,000 bricks

Please pray this week :
For Benson as he cont. to walk the process of coming to America May/June…
For our team in the U.S.   to further the work of HIS KINGDOM for Africa…..
The ones vital to what God is doing…..thank you !

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