~~ 72 Prisoners are FREE ~~


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Got to the prison…. just being THERE…is of GOD….
Talked of Tug’s  ” 11 ” TATTOO’s….. “HE>I”   ( Tattoo )
John 3:16…( Tattoo )
How they are ~ Permanent….
How some wish they would of NEVER GOT….
one of their :  TATTOO’s !

Maybe someone here….wished they would of never…
Maybe someone here….wished they weren’t permanently labeled…
YOU are NOT….. and went into it through God’s WORD.

For those of you that GAVE so we could put 25 BIBLES…
In their Library ?  THEIR smiles, and clapping….
and so it continued to be OF GOD    72 SALVATIONS…
That wanted the BLOOD OF JESUS to take away their TATTOO !
” PERMANENTLY “……in the name of JESUS.

Deb K. sang ~ ” THE MORE I SEEK YOU…the more I FIND YOU”
and gave of herself…the the extent of sitting in beastly sun,
in the middle of the prison….after handing each prisoner
SOAP and TOILET PAPER…. she started to turn …
and unsafe RED for a Muzungu….

Got her in the shade, Andrew rand for “safe water”…
Karanga and Miner tried to get the cramping out of her hands…
Guard ran took his hanky out, ran for unsafe water for her head…
and GOD did the rest……she still is a bit “shakey”  …..
but she is good, please pray her body cont. to be strong,
in the name of JESUS….( she is fine, Carol, Darrell and MeeMee )
just a bit “rough”…..I told her to listen to her body…the rest of the
way out, intensely !!!!

Thanx for PRAYING…. Friday  + SAT. Crusades in Kimondo !

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Thank you and everyone else for being there for Deb. I told you she can be stubborn and you’ll have to reel here back in, make her rest, etc. Well, you know. I was praying extra hard last night and this am, knowing you were going to the prison. But what a wonderful testimony of what God done there today. Praise His Holy Name. I know you guys are in the Lord’s hands and He will keep you safe and healthy. I pray angels all the time. Luv and miss you both. xoxo

Janelle, I haven’t written lately but I am back on track and have been praying for you and Gabe. A verse I have for you today is Luke 24:32, They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” May those you speak to today feel the same!

Glad Deb is Ok, and praise The Lord for continuing to bless your ministry there!

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