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I want you to picture a little boy named ~  Winston…
He is in my last years video…in his Momma’s lap at church….
We prayed healing for him, we were burdened for him.
Pastor Benson, gave to them for Dr.’s bills, Hospital..what ever
it took.

Winston was healed from Meningitus last year…..

The following year, as told by Benson :
There was kind of a pulling in the house….between the Mom and Dad.
( relationship problems ) ….Husband was  not faithful.   Then  they wante $$
Husband found work and the wife got a job in the school.

The left Winston in the house by himself….2 years old now….all day long.

Parents came back in the evening.  Noboday took care of him, he becames sick,
never taken to the hospital, until he became unconcious.  They were seen
rushing to the hospital.   He was dead.  He had stayed in the house too long being
sick.  He was very stiff when taken to the hospital.
At first when he was sick, with meningitus….he recovered with proper care.

But with no feeding all day,  no changing all day, no cleaning all day long.
All day alone by himself.   He had no food or proper care.
We did  not know this was going on.  They had left the church, so we did not know.

Benson went to the father, ” why did you not come to us ?”
Father, ” you do not know what he cost me”
The father showed little grief but more of what he had to go through because of

Self is prevalent in Africa also.

Moses who teaches at our school…..on the land…
He came and told that he walked home one night to a crowd of people gathered around
a latriene.  ( outside toilet )….People were trying to get a 3 month old baby out.

A mother had threw her 3 month old baby in the latriene after suffocating it.
Benson said, he comes acrossed this more often than not.  Ladies will birth their child
in a remote area then leave them there to die.

I asked what the officials do when they hear this.
He said they would look into it for a couple of days…then if nothing, they just turn
and walk away.

We seen what GOD did in Winston’s life last year….Benson seen him come to health.
By only the grace of GOD…. then flesh, self , the desire of money…a new level of living..
came into play…. and Winston’s life was taken by it.

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Pretty sad to think of how families live differently across the globe….makes our big things seem so small! Thanks for sharing – see you soon!

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