~ ” a call from Benson “


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Just some things going on –
Benson driving on a dirt road…..
drove by this older man…that he could really barely see…
The Lord told him to turn around and pick him up.
The man was muslim………..HE ACCEPT THE LORD AS HIS SAVIOR
in the vehicle…..* Christi and Matt McGuire – your vehicle !

Benson – ” satan is not happy w/ muslims coming to the Lord…
that is why he is digging in to use them to execute Christians.”

Benson – ” I will tell you a testimony from my brother Sammy that
really touched my heart, Mum. ”
( Sammy is in the Kenyan army and they are fighting in Somolia,
against the terrorist )

” I can not reach everyone with the Bible, Mum….
so God is sending some men in with guns.”

* Benson as a Pastor …
God is not calling him, into Somalia ..
to witness as a Pastor with his Bible…..
but he is calling his brother Sammy
with his gun.

” Sammy called and said, they are digging holes to build
churches in, Mum. They knew they had to “set” a church.
in Somalia. They are digging it so no one will find them
in church and kill them.

( the Somalians want and are hungry to go and have a church,
they will be killed if found in it )

_ We have started a radio ministry reaching 4 – 5 million
people in Kenya with the Gospel, with Kenyan testimonies,
and with Benson’s worship music…..
” It is timely and it is transforming lives in ministry ”
” We are getting different contacts, transforming lives
through teaching and prayers ”
* they call in their requests ….

Benson use to sing….and God told him….as he is working
on producing a Worship CD and Videos…
” this singing is NOT YOUR SINGING
without Me/ God…
YOU tried to sing on your own..
and they took away your microphone”

UnReined Ministries in AFRICA = DIVERGENT….
Divergent = growth, expansion, spreading out like branches
of a tree…Exploration of NEW POSSIBILITIES,
impossible, unthinkable…..


* there ya go Morgan.

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Awesome! Praise God!:)

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