” a good gauge for decisions “……


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Heb. 6: 9
” Even though we speak like this dear friends,
we are confident of better things in your case-

10. ” God is not unjust
He will not forget your work
and the love you have shown him as you have helped
His people and continue to help them.

11.  We want each of you to show this  SAME DILIGENCE
to the very end, in order to make your hope sure.

12.  We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate
those who through FAITH and PATIENCE inherit what
has been promised. ”

How does God order our next step ?
What will continue to “move my life in the right direction ?”
How do I know what I should do today, tomorrow ?
What response should I return to something said ?


Think deeply into what brought our salvation
Think deeply into Who brought our salvation
Think deeply in what was overcome through our salvation
Think all that our salvation gives us and how the
Holy Spirit was deposited in us, with our salvation…..

What goes with ” our SALVATION ”
Birds go with the sky
Bullets go with a gun
Fish go with water

A fish out of water =  stupid
A bullet on  a line of fishing pole = stupid

They have no power….
They don’t ” accompany ” the other….

Walking outside of …. ” what accompanies our salvation”
I believe we ” lose our spiritual power”
Walking in line with it….is the anointing, the alignment, the glory
and great things that we could never do,
and the LORD will be the LORD, in fullness….

Why ?  HE sent HIS SON to earth to die….
For our ” SALVATION and ALL that Accompany’s it ”

Right now, your actions, your decisions, your thots,  your love
your judgement, what ever…..with each individual in your life….

Not just Duck Dynasty ……..but in every area
but with every individual…….

Does it accompany your salvation ?

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Good word. I needed to hear this. I have been I very poor witness at work, especially when I’m stressed. I work closely with an unbeliever and she knows what I believe…I told her once a year or so ago…but since then, she has seen me get angry and say things I shouldn’t have and in her mind I’m sure I’m just another Christian hypocrite. The Lord has given me a great job, and I believe, for now at least, it is my mission field…and I have not been leading them to salvation. I pray before I pull into that parking garage every day…and it know now I need to pray more specifically. Thanks for sharing His Word faithfully!

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