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Not a ~ what ever blog….
Just some “tid bits” from Africa :

1.  The power went out last week SO MUCH….off, on, off, on…
here someone had tried to steal the “WHOLE TRANSFORMER”
off the power pole ! About 2  1/2 miles from here….
2.  Ride home from Kitale the other day ~  woman bleeding profusely….
She had been married to someone, who married someone else,
that someone else came to her house and slashed her face with
a knife !
3.   Tied the Church’s speaker to the top of the van with baylor twine..
to go to the prison, to hook it up and the power not work.
4.    Building a dog pen….gives me great satisfaction from where I
was raised….” they will live like human beings”..smile.
5.   Getting shocked through the switch …from the small water heater.
6.    Being involved in a ” family counseling” session with Benson
and Deb…..not involving police w/ situation and seeing GOD
literally MOVE for a young man’s life for the KINGDOM !
7.   Having a rough nite, and waiting to call Rock through the whole
night….from 4:20 – 6: 30 a.m., had his phone on vibrate…..
called back and heard his voice.
8.  Sending Benson to town to buy sanitary things for girls so they
do  not have to use leaves.
9.  Sending Benson to town to buy more Bibles, toilet paper,
and Soccer Jerseys to send our TEAM to spread JESUS CHRIST.
10.  KNOWING that God has His ministry….each person….each soul,
each spirit, each flesh….and it will bring HIM GLORY.

in the Name above EVERY NAME ~   JESUS CHRIST…

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Thanks for the update. Praying for strength to finish strong. Love you!

Hi Janelle and Deb you are doing a good job. God bless you as we continue to pray for you. Love you all.

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