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My favorite Nativity seen of 8……
Is the one I grew up with….
Sitting on top of the old piano….made of carboard…
The Angel leans on the cows horn to not fall over…….
The faces of the wisemen , not so clear….

I love the Nativities……why ?
They remind me that JESUS CHRIST came to earth.

Hebrews 1: 2
” but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son, …
3. His Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the
EXACT REPRESENTATION of HIS ( God’s )  being.”

This CHRISTmas….
JESUS CHRIST…came….bringing the RADIANCE of
God’s glory……do we picture the glory of God coming ?
This CHRISTmas…
JESUS CHRIST…came….as a baby, each day of His life…
each part , chapter,  ” THE EXACT REPRESENTATION of God.
We are to be ” CHRIST – LIKE ”  =  Christians…..
Jesus Christ ~ sustains all things by the power of HIS WORD…

Nothing has changed ….nothing…
From HIS BIRTH – til NOW  Christmas 2013…..
Toys change, kids sizes change…..but JESUS ?
Everything He did in the Bible ?
Every bit of who HE IS ……. SUSTAINED.
Birth – seated at the right hand of God =  The SAME.

He is superior to the ANGELS   – Heb. 1 : 4
May ” we ” join in the worship of The Almighty JESUS CHRIST….
In our worship , remind ourselves of :

9.  Therefore God , your GOD, has set YOU, ( JESUS )
by anointing YOU ( JESUS )  with the OIL OF JOY.

It goes on to say, this is how God set the FOUNDATION
of the earth….
Study science all you want…..” the foundation of the earth”
It is on, the SUPREMACY of JESUS…
It is on, HE IS THE SAME – Babe in Manger – seated by GOD
It is on, HE IS the  …Glory of God
It is on,  He is the EXACT REPRESENTATION of God
It is on,  HE  – HE – HE ……IS JOY

12. But YOU , JESUS ….remain the SAME,
and your years will NEVER END.

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I praise the Lord for this truth! Jesus never changes! No matter what comes our way – or what doesn’t – this coming New Year – He will be as faithful as He has been up till now. There is great peace in that. Such love He showed when humbly coming to earth as He did as a helpless baby to save us – most of whom, throughout history, would shun Him and His gift of redeeming love. Unbelievable, and yet it’s true!! 🙂

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