a “revelation”


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I have been in a funk, a hole, a deep pit….
no inner joy, peace, kindness…etc.
( all of it ) smile
I have stayed in The Word, praying, seeking
yet nothing “touched” the depth of it all…
Pajamas, camo hoodie, on the couch REVELATION !

my duty of Thanxgiving is over…done…
house cleaned, leftover turkey….done…
so today IS ALL MINE….
TBN ~ slow devo’s ~ blog ~ music…mine ! smile

So Matt Hagee was on …
Preaching on NOAH….
Noah had served God….
Noah was asked to get on a boat for 150 days
The bottom 2 levels were literally a ZOO
His family was another LEVEL…
HE was going ( no where )
Didn’t know where he would land…
Everything he had done…was being destroyed
Where he would land would have LIFE ( leaf )
He was on a 150 day journey of…..”nothing”

and that has released me
and that gave my joy back
and that gave my hope back
something that I have read, prayed, hoped and
could NOT REACH,
searched and could not find….

But with this WIND today
But with The Holy Spirit….
HE came in our home….and gave me today…

HIS REVELATION of my life…..
and the “weight is gone”
and the “hope is renewed “
and HIS VOICE…”The Voice” was heard…
so I thank YOU LORD, for being ever so faithful…
YOU have never left me
You have never left UnReined….
We have been and are on….” the Ark “
150 days 250 days…is a lot more bearable….
and honestly with JOY…
because I am not in the water drowning,
YOU CHOSE, to put me on the boat
YOU CHOSE, to destroy all that was before
YOU…are Soverign….YOU are God…
YOU WILL CHOOSE …where I land
and where I land…”THERE WILL BE LIFE “ everlasting.
God is so good….so good…so good.
in The Name of JESUS.

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Love you!! Thank you for making every holiday special and doing so much for us! We love spending time with everyone. Glad today refueled you! God is so so good??

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