Africa 2010


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I feel like God is truly starting to breathe HIS LIFE into this trip.
 Pastor Benson, Dorcas and I spent about 1  1/2 hours on Skype this week.
 Planning out the trip….
     We believe God wants us to work with his church…the people, the area…
                  Evangelism, Loving and Knowing GOD , The desire of JESUS CHRIST
                   Outreach in the new area of the “land we bought”….( YEAH !)
                   Women, Men and Couples….
                    Childen, Orphanage, Staff…….
     Usually we spend alot of time and money going to the outer areas…
           in the mountains, rural….other churches…
           with GOD giving us the money to purchase the land.
           with GOD leading us this way…
                   we KNOW….HE desires this area to be reached for HIS KINGDOM
                    we KNOW …HE desires it to be the drawing point unto Himself

And, so we start HIS MISSION ! 
            so thankful…just to hear from Him….so we can start !

Also ~  A new thing is starting…
               in the process of SKYPE…. Dorcas – Pastor Benson’s wife..
               She is so kind, so quiet, yet fun…so humble…
                      never asks for ANYTHING for herself…

As we were going to get off Skype…
       ” the children” ….. 
 Pastor Benson, ” oh, Mum….can I ask if there is a way..
                                     you can get money to feed the children ?”
So, he figured the cost…. and now we are going to give it to GOD alone:
   Alot to IRON OUT….
       But it will come to this:
                 Finding 31 people to give  $ 25.00 a month
                         Which will feed –   230 School Children
                                                               24 Orphans
                                                                  8 Staff
                Finding someone to sponsor  $ 186.00 a month
                         to feed the household :   Benson’s Mom
                                                                            Benson’s Family
                                                                           The help, Grandchildren they are raising, etc….
                                                                            The ones that run the ministry…etc.

This is ALL…in the mix….. God knows…it is HIS…..
      and we will just let HIM be God…

Also, needing about 1,000.00  more for the trip in Oct. this year…
           Purchasing  – Tent to have church in – on the land = $466.00
                                       Amplifier, Keyboard, Speakers = $800.00
                                        Bibles – $ 376.00  ( for church people to take home, learn, read, renew )
                                        Bed for Rock Laban –  $ 50.00  smile !

Our needs are not BIG….to GOD….
HE knew them before I typed them….They are HIS CHILDREN
                                                                              They are HIS …..

2 Samuel 5: 12
    ” And David knew that the  Lord had established him
as King over Israel and had exaaalted his kingdom for

Pastor Benson, Dorcas, his mom….
   all are doing what they are doing….for ONE REASON..
          I want to keep the things….behind the reason…..

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Just chatted with Gabe on Facebook. We’re in for $25 a month.


Count Lucy and I in for the $25.00 a month. What a great way to share the love of God and teach Lucy about it! Thanks!


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