AFRICA 2012 !!!!


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EXPEDITE … a word God sank into my soul…almost upon return in Nov.
I told Linda Rone,  just because I didn’t want anyone to think I WAS NUTS !

I am walking that out, literally……

1.  Money has come in before the letters have went out !
2.  Sent money today for Benson to start the process of getting their PASSPORTS !
3.  We are paying Charlie, Charlies wife, Felista for ministry work on property !
( which means children are being fed, families are surviving )
4.  They are coming – tentatively –  May 21 – June 26th !
5.  3 Churches have committed to letting Benson preach !  ( if you know of any, let me know !)
6.  Tug is working on a CONCERT…..that could do GREAT THINGS for HIS KINGDOM !
7.  Melissa Rone….has answered the call….to join me in serving in AFRICA !
= Taking over raising the money for the medical clinic.
= I was Rone’s coach, car pooled with her, friend……she runs the “medical field”- Indiana
she is a savvy business gal….marketing…amazing…LOVES THE LORD !!  EXCITED !
8.  Meeting tonite –  potential person to head another fund raiser…
for THE KINGDOM WORK     while Benson is here.
9.  Friends seeking out help for a GOLF OUTING…Beth McClintock –  Vickie….Lori….and more !
10.  Trying to get the actual ” support letters”  written and out…for airline tickets !
$ 1,800.00 –  each !  Benson , Dorcas, Gloria and Rock Laban  –  I believe in FAMILY MINISTRY !
11.  Hoping to get 501 C3 –  Non Profit….
12. Person praying to head “finances”…..
13.  Gabe ordered more ministry cards, came home :  there they were !
14.  3 individuals are going with me to AFRICA ~  NEXT FEB. 2013 !!  ( want to go ? ) smile !
2 weeks/  or 10 days =  approx. cost $ 2,500.00  – approx.


I have watched things unfold before my eyes…..( Tug  on the phone)
Just amazing….it is HIM ALONE, HIM ALONE……

I believe  – –  THIS YEAR – – starts, starts the GREAT MOVEMENT
of JESUS CHRIST…a sustaining , foundation…..
that will carry the GOSPEL for GENERATIONS…..

I believe that with all my heart…
Please pray….this sounds like ” stuff happening”  for money…
the FACT… is going to be the tool GOD USES……to SAVE SOULS.

IF you feel lead to help in ANY WAY !
Golf Outing
Motorcycle Run
Hog Roast – Linda & Craig Rone
Your Church to have Pastor Benson preach
Entertain Benson’s – show them ” USA” ….sign up…..

( there are MORE helping and willing….I just have to get it “together”…
I will be calling you !  SMILE )
email me:

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