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Oct. 16th is “take off ”   date….to go to Liyavo, Kenya…..
In prep….I was thinking of making a ” needs List/ or wants List”
for Benson and Dorcas, Gloria & Rock Laban…..

Lori Conrad/Brooks ~ has the kids covered…. THANK YOU !

Dorcas ~  2 bottles of perfume  ( could be one you thot you would like, but don’t- she loves perfume ! )
size 10 –  clothes
night gown + robe ( casual – light weight- short sleeve –  )
few house/ kitchen things…. hot pads, big spoons, spatula,
Benson –   2 jeans – 36 – 34  ( kind of class but cool )
dress socks
2 shirts
( got him books, mp 3 etc )

School Teachers –   ABC ‘s  ( teaching tools )
Numbers  ( like you would hang / posters – get in suitcase )
colors & shapes
world atlas picture

If you would like to donate any of these –
if you could comment you got them or are getting them…
Then others can check back on here to see what has been gotten .

Thank YOU…. so much….

** also, I organize some ladies to cook for Rock –
2  a week…. 4 weeks….he eats anything….you just bring it, put in ref…
and off he goes….great witness to the guys at Honda !

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Got the all the clothes ready for Dorcas but though I better check what size for Rock Laban? I can drop the stuff off this week just let me know what day works for you and also mom and I can make a meal for Rock if you wanna pencil us in 🙂

I meant Gloria LOL

I went shopping tonight and got Dorcas a short-sleeved nightgown (but no robe), a summer dress, a few hotpads, and a spatula. I also want to get the big spoons for kitchen, but couldn’t decide between stainless steel or nylon – which would be better?

I bought Benson one pair of jeans and a short-sleeved shirt (button up).

So excited to be able to send them some gifts!!

JOY thank YOU so much….I do not believe Dorcas has EVER hand a night gown…seriously…. either of the spoons…the JEANS…he will be so so so excited, he loves them and just got one pair last year and that was the first thing he said…when I asked him…..thank YOU JOY.

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