Africa…. “the day after”…..


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Kind of being ” knocked off my horse”…..and seated on the ground a bit….
woke up at 3:00 ( we are all in one room type of setting….with a partition )…
Is this satan , making me worry…or is God..telling me to see if Gabe is ok ?
So, I got on the computer, but in the dark…forgot one thing…so didn’t work…
So got back under the covers…w/ my phone and called Marla …”HE IS DOING AWESOME”

Mother ~ flesh ~ emotions….FAITH FAITH FAITH…and so it goes…..

Gabe is going home today !!!  WE thank YOU JESUS…we thank YOU with him.

2 nd Huddle Group ~ tonite :

Question :  Who has had a Kairos moment this week, when you heard God…and obeyed Him?

Felista:  Thurs… before they went evangelizing….It was very cold   ( 76 degrees) smile
I had milked my cow , I just felt the Spirit of God….”prepare them tea ”
We went around and they told her, what it meant to them, to have that before they went out.
ANY FOOD, DRINK what ever, is so so appreciated !

Immanuel :  Last Friday after I had finished doing my work at school.   God told me to go a different
way.  After walking steps…I came to woman seated outside , she was a widow…She welcomed me.
We talked outside, she told of her son who has mental problems, I know him, I believe he smokes
bong….she asked the son to come out. I hadn’t planned on that.  I talked to him, asked him if he read
God’s Word, he said he did….we talked, I had him read a certain section on healing.  He accepted what
the Bible said.  I told him I would continue to stop and study God’s Word with him.

We discussed when the Kairos moment happened…” when God told him to take another path”

Question :  What makes you hesitate from hearing and obeying His voice, your Kairos ?

Dorcas Simiyu ~  busy busy, children tired and don’t hear God
Dorcas – I have tried and failed at things He has told me to do…so I am afraid to try again.
Meshach –  God doesn’t hear my prayers for my school fees, they are not paid….so if he does not hear
me, how can I hear Him?    ( we discussed if that was truth he was hearing ? )
Falista – I left a job, became a farmer to supply for my children.  I thought it was what God wanted me
to do.  I didn’t receive what I was expecting. I may now think I don’t hear God right.
( others told her how she is a blessing to the church…her cooking …if she was working she couldn’t
do the things for God she is doing)

We asked her if she felt blessed doing things for the LORD…an instant, instant YES and smile…
she answered her own self….. amen !

Again, they have NEVER done small groups, huddles….
THEY are so excited, laughter, fun, deep….and they walk out of here with
as Dorcas says ” energy…a boost”  smile….she said, ” they want it some more”  smile
” they are full”   smile…..

They are going to continue to meet on Mondays after I leave….
They put it with ” This is what JESUS did with His disciples ”
ahhhhhhh…….” you got it”…….thank YOU JESUS…..
They are Yours, Africa is Yours….this ministry is Yours

Gabe is Yours…in the blood of JESUS….in YOUR NAME…
May YOU be glorified, in all YOUR GLORY…in all, all YOUR GLORY..amen

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