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To date the money is in Africa to purchase the land.
With the death of  Pastor Bensons’ Dad – Laban….
This week – will be set aside for his funeral….

I have not spoken with Benson, so I do not know the details
at this time…I am sure it is tough and yet they have hope
and peace in the Lord, thank You, Jesus !

I am $ 2,170.00 away from the full package to go back in Oct.
                Thanx to :
                       1.  Co – in laws –  Jack & Karen Miller !  
                       2. Zeke & Cheryl Z. –  co – family of GOD !
                       3.  Former STUDENTS / NEIGHBORS – Matt & Jody Schmenk !
                       4.  Mr. Chuck Moeller – My Mom and Dad’s School Friend 
                        5.  Tom Ahl –  how neat to do ministry – may God just bless !
                       6.  Sarah Mosely –  a “lifer” freind, had her in church FOREVER !
                                                             she went on my 1st mission trip to Kentucky…smile.

Someone today said – ” how are you doing this ?”  I told him how GOD is doing this
through a varying team of INDIVIDUALS….thank YOU so much !

Setting a goal of  $ 4,500.00 –  with a cushion as you do not want
to get over there and stuck at any cost !  smile. 
      I always budget over and then leave the excess there…for the
ministry.   Airline tickets are approx. $2,400.00 – that is over and then
the hoppers into the  ” in land ”  –  that includes Benson coming to
meet me – via – safety !  Staying 25 – 30 days…. etc. Meetings, feeding people…etc.
     I am hopeful of raising the rest of this by July 4th – so we can start
to really plan the Evangelism – the Outreach – the Spiritual Growth Missions
of 2010 Trip !  
( again, anyone who feels lead, lead by God to go…you do
not have to stay for 1 month….you can fly back out…and return !) smile. 

 Then on to raising approx.     $ 10,000.00 for a 40 x 48′ church building !
( the size of Harold’s metal building )

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Sending you my first check next week from The Worlds Apart Project. 🙂 Sooooo exciting to see God working!!!

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