Africa Update – 2010


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 Galations 6:14
       “But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,”

This past week – Rock’s Phys. Ed teacher…. our coach….
   Mr. John Bean –  ( 1974  H.S. Teacher ) smile…..
Gave a generous amount to make this years mission…
   a sealed deal.
Because of this…I can go “safely”…..
I am so appreciative of HOW – God puts on the hearts of others…
    His desire.
So THANK YOU….. Mr. John Bean !
      Thank YOU so much !

Pretty neat – Miss Elliot and Eckler chimed in to support also !
   Previous Home Ec. and Business Teacher
Along with many, many others I respect and truly am thankful for.

Chel Brockert is taking me to the airport
Chel & Jon Brockert are picking me up at the airport

I have one slot filled to cook for Rock …..

2 more talks –  Soccer Tournament Talk –  Soccer – not many shots…and when you
                                                                                     have the chance – it better count =  1 life.
                              School/ Orphanage – ” He who started a good work in you ”

Shots are all taken….
Next –  working on a pay pal account for  31 sponsors….
                $25.00 a month to feed the ENTIRE SCHOOL & Orphanage….

( was going to wait until I got back – til next year….
   why not BEFORE…they are hungry NOW…
                                          they are being turned away NOW…. )

Again…. “boasting only in GOD…for what HE IS DOING ”
   and thanking all of you, for listening and obeying HIM alone !


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