Africa Update………….


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I feel as if it is  ” HALF  TIME “………….

   We have been absorbed by “siding our cabin”…….
   “Work vacation time, etc. ” …..

So, kind of just – giving in……and letting my mind, heart ~ wander…..
    After Rock’s shutdown, then jumping back in the water – both feet !

AFRICA  UPDATE –  set    – JULY   4th   as in my support – “letter deadline”…
    as in hopes to have all the money in for the trip…..
    ( don’t worry – up to Oct. 12…. smile….)

I am 1/2 way to having the “travel money – mission money”  raised…
    for the  2010 Africa Trip –  Oct. 12th –  Nov. 10th
    Need Appox.  –   $2,000.00 more

That money is going solely for the ministry work while in Africa.
Travel for Team
Meals for People attending Church meetings
   ( every meeting we feed the entire church, daily )
Sound systems
Soccer Tournament Outreach
Expenses , etc.

PHASE  ONE =  Land Bought
PHASE  TWO =   ( next phase )
                                 Raise  $ 10,000.00  to build  ” His Church ”

Please pray for DIVINE WISDOM….
         to stay in His steps, His plan, His timing, His will
         for HIS PURPOSE alone.

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