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Posted on May 07,2017 under Uncategorized

Benson’s eldest sister ~ VIOLET….
is like their Matriarch….
They still have high respect for their siblings…
She was so involved in helping with Benson’s
Mom and Dad, taking care of them, their home..etc.

She has been with us all these years.

She is a single Mom…. I would say 50+
Raised Vickie/Josephene…to be a very God fearing
and wonderful young lady. Vickie helps us out
in the ministry ALOT !!! smile.

Violet owns her own Hair Salon….
Works very very very hard every day !
She rents a place…that is very small.
She has owned a plot of land for a while.
But has never been able to afford to build on it.

The Kenya Govt. said if she did not build something…
They would take it away from her, yep !

So, YOU GOT IT….UNREINED stepped in and is
building her a 2 bedroom home, porch and all.
For very little….via U.S. standards…

This is who we are,
This is what we do…..
We take care of the needs of individuals…
We pray, we seek the Lord and we obey…..
Thank YOU…to all who give….
YOU are making a difference in individual lives !
Violet and Vickie are BEYOND grateful and EXCITED !!


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