$ 1,145.00 today ! – ” Benson’s Heart ” – $ 5,255.00 needed for land !


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$ 1,145.00. 00 in the  MAIL TODAY,  thanx ! smile…  how cool is GOD ?

Pastor Benson – Matisi ,Kenya/Africa – Benson and I communicate through Skype and through email..as it is alot cheaper.  So when I do not hear from him,  I tend to worry about his safety.  This is part of the email I just received.

(   Janelle,
       I am very sorry I have been not checking my e-mails for the last two weeks.i
have so much been praying about the land and you people.We are very fine
and every thing is okay. The Church , the family and the children, all are
fine and Dorcas misses you. As i have been praying about the land the lord
gave me this scripture Psalms 24:1-2 , that the earth is the lords and the
fullness there off, the world and the people thereof,so we should not worry
about anything.  )

       I love working with Benson, because of this reason.  He is all about JESUS.
He is all about truly staying in the spiritual to see the spiritual. 

 If you “seek the LORD”…………….
more than what you are “doing for the LORD” ………………

ONE MONTH –   $ 6,300.00 

 1.  To expand an orphanage where children are turned away
  2. To build a medical clinic – so women do not have to be BEATEN in child birth
  3.  To build ” Agape Word of God ” a church building – started last Oct. 
                            now they are in a small , small room in a home with 28 people.
  4.  To build JOY ACADEMY – a school building with desks, chairs, books, etc.
  5.  To build Pastor Benson & Dorcas a home…with more than a 9 x14 room.
  6.  To have a garden to feed the children, graze the cattle…have a playground

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We’re praying for your friend!! I love hearing you give everything over to God and giving him the total glory, that is so awesome! This is all God’s timing, can’t wait to see how it all turns out. We got your letter today, so we’ll be praying!

luv ya

Praying!!! I know God has His timing and I know it will all be completed in that time frame! Something to rest in. You are prayed for!!!

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