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I am going to try on Mondays to, “Update Africa”

This week I am praying for the Temple Kids to truly seek the Lord for the “CHANGE AFRICA” quest.  Response – one student brought in over $90.00 from Sunday School.  Another student is seeking other avenues to put the “CHANGE BARRELS” around in Lima. So I praise the Lord the HOLY SPIRIT is speaking to their hearts.  It is doing what we prayed for.  Teaching students to seek the Lord, hear Him and obey.  Then anticipate the movement of GOD !

Tomorrow I need to pick out some pictures for the Barrels if I need to make more, get them copied and if I have time go to Rudolph Foods and see if they will be generous to give us some more.

I need to get some info and more pictures ready for an interview with the Lima News Paper on Thurs. a.m.

Talked to the bank today about what the best policy is for collecting and counting the change.  Bank One Harding Highway is so, so supportive of this whole mission.  THANK YOU !

Received an email from Pastor Benson and Dorcas:  They are the ones doig “THE MINISTRY” .  The church is up to 28 people and he is spending much time ministering and taking care of running the school, and the oprhanage. We must never lose sight of the people each dime is ministering to.

I have no clue from week to week what  God is asking of me. So this past week He has shown me this.

TheLord to Solomon :  ” Ask for whatever you want me to give you.”
Solomon to The Lord:  ” So give Your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.”

That is where I feel I am at with the Lord….all of this is too much for me to know what to say, to do, or to even understand.   So today is His, tomorrow is His.  So is this week for Matisi /Kenya, Africa.

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Love it! Love the great new website (way to go, Gabe!) 🙂

So excited about what God’s doing in and through you! Love ya! 🙂

How fun is this? Getting an alert that you have posted news about Africa, and coming and hearing all of things God is up to. Good luck with the newspaper interview! Be sure to see if they can get you a link that you can share with us on here?

Superbly ilatlinmuing data here, thanks!

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