Annie Jone’s TESTimony @ Retreat :


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Annie Jones – In Faith Ministries
“Intruders came in and told a group of individuals to
“ GET ON YOUR KNEES “….Annie’s daughter was one of them…
in 2002.
Annie’s daughter was shot in the head….Annie came
and seen her daughter, the blood, the tubes, the skin laying..
the paramedics…at the “scene” of her daughter’s shooting.

She remembers…..hitting the wall…..” JESUS ~ JESUS ~ JESUS “

The Holy Spirit told her – literally :
“ she shall not die,
she shall live to declare the works of the LORD “

Annie – “ I was able to stand because THE LORD – just
told me….” she shall not die, she shall live
to declare the works of the LORD.”

“The Almighty GOD has us.
When we think we are on our own…
I seen her eyes taped, tubes everywhere….

My 17 year old niece…was there also…..
My niece was shot also….


That niece came to my house
she sat on my lap…kissin’ on me…
“ I really love you, Aunty….”

I had fixed her breakfast,
she asked me, “ do you want to fix my nails ?”
She sat on my lap again…she usually sat by my side.

She looked at me….I told her, “ GOD is going to give
you joy unspeakable. The sun will shine like you never
seen it before.”

5 hours after I spoke that to her….SHE WAS GONE.

My niece died….

*Her niece lived in a home that the sun didn’t shine as much….

Annie, “ The gifts God has given to us, WE NEED TO SHARE”
It may save someone’s life…I spoke what God told
me to say, to my niece that morning….

Annie’s daughter :
March 8th – “ Mom, I am going to walk…
I am going to walk, to eat to speak “

* she had to learn these all over again…

Annie: “ At 21 it was like I had a new born baby….”
Jan. 1st – I told God…..” I want my daughter to be
back to her first love “ ( JESUS CHRIST )
Jan. 3rd – she was shot….

BE careful what you ask for, if you are not GROUNDED IN THE LORD.

A Good gift for Valentine’s Day…FEB. 14th SHE WALKED

She said, “ Mom, I will be out of this Hospital in 6 weeks “
She was OUT ~ MARCH 8th….

Today…April 7th, 2018 – is Annie’s DAUGHTER’S…43 Birthday !!!


Had I just looked at the circumstance…
I would of said, “ OH WELL….it is a done deal “

God spoke to me…
“ she shall not die,
she shall live to declare the works of the LORD “

I am NOT….giving satan nothing…
I am NOT….giving satan nothing….

What is mine is mine…..

I thank GOD…
God is The God of Healing
God is The God of Love…all by HIMSELF….

HE ORDERS our steps…
We do NOT order HIS……

Annie Jones !

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