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After we take a warm shower….
our body pores are OPEN……

Then sometimes we might APPLY a lotion….
That lotion SOAKS in… OUR body…
That lotion has to be applied,
With our hands, we take it off the shelf…
open it and apply it to our own body for
it to do what it is made to do.

Job 5: 27
” We have examined this, and it is TRUE.

So hear it and apply it to yourself……
so hear it and apply it to yourself…..

Above this it was talking about the protection
of GOD… all that GOD is and can do in our lives…

And so how do we ” read ” The Word of GOD….
do we just read it….and get through our chapters ?
do we read it with our pores opened with prayer
and the HOLY SPIRIT ?
Then do we read it and literally APPLY it to our lives ?
We take it for WHAT IT SAYS as TRUTH…
Applying it to where the HOLY SPIRIT LEADS on this day~
and believe that the TRUTH will minister
and believe that the TRUTH, trumps the evil in our world
and believe that THIS GOD of HIS WORD
holds HIS WORD as TRUTH ?
Read to read ?
Read to apply ?
HIS WORD, is so so so literal, active, real and powerful
I pray it into our lives for all it is WORTH !
Into our families , each one of their lives…..
Into Kenzie’s life, Into Kyle’s life, Into Tracey’s life..
Into Ray’s life….into unborn babies lives…..
into the poor’s life and all that are hurting, their lives….
into Africa, S. Ohio, Cambodia…all over the world’s lives….
in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST amen.

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I read this right before I had to challenge a friend and believer with truth. I was very nervous because I’m a people pleaser, but this book that she was following the principles was not biblical. Yet because it was not, I knew I had to address it, even if it meant losing her friendship. She is also a medical professional that God has used in miraculous ways to bring healing, but I had to be willing to walk away from all that- even the hope of being healthy enough soon to be ready for a man to love me (finally) – because this book is largely what she bases her practice on. After I read this post, I was confirmed again that if it is not of God and His truth than I want no part of it. Hope you have a great Christmas. Thank you for sharing HIS TRUTH, love you.

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