April 6, 1979


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To talk about your son, when he is 31…well you might get slapped with “Momma’s Boy”….” can’t you let him go”….”cut the apron strings”…what ever…..
      But when you have been blessed to be the Mom of Tug….for 31 years….and you were there all the days he was in your home.  The days he was not in your home driving to and from college.  The day he became a husband, the days he became a father,  the days he did things for the Lord that no one else was asked to do.   The days no one else understood him,  the days that he would get excited over little things, the days he beat his time in running, or just beat Coulter.   The day he spoke at his Grandma’s funeral,  or a teens funeral….or lead someone to the Lord.  The day he took each teen and spoke over their life and then cried because he was so spent spiritually and could not go on.  The day he would call, with  just the words of his children that made his day.  The day he stood by his brother in his wedding and had a chair , for he was so weak phyically, but so strong in his love for Gabe his brother.   The days we would travel on vacation and he would literally read us joke books and his dad would laugh until he cried.  The first day he went hunting this year and he got a dear.  The day he cut his hand and his brother cried more than he did as he hated him being in the hopsital.  The day he got saved.  The days he would set Angie’s engagement trail.  The days he would set her valentines tables and go to great lengths.  The days he calls,  just to talk after all these years.  Can I just say,  he is 31 and Rock , Gabe and I are blessed to say, we have known him in each one…and he was given to us, by a mighty , mighty GOD…and Tug’s love for people is JESUS CHRIST’ love for people…and what am I thankful for TUG for – his SALVATION…… to GOD….TO GOD, be all the glory and honor….through Tug’s life, forever….and ever….and ever.

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Everyone’s life gets better when Tug is around. God sure uses him and his personality. Thankful he’s my brother!

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