……are we afraid ? …..


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Matt. 17 :  5
” While he was still speaking, a bright cloud enveloped them,
and a voice from the cloud said, ” This is my Son, whom I love;
with him I am well pleased, Listen to Him ! ”

6. When the disciples heard this, they fell facedown to the ground,
terrified.  7 . But Jesus came and touched them.  ” GET UP,”  he said

Can you imagine JESUS CHRIST touching YOUR LIFE…..
Right now….coming to YOU….
The exact area that is keeping you stagnant spiritually…
The exact area that satan keeps replaying the tape recorder
in your mind……
The exact area that the snow is 6 ft. high and you can not get around…..

all we need is ” THE TOUCH”  of JESUS…..

Jesus Christ touched Peter , James and John….HE TOUCHED THEM….
and what position were they…” facedown, worship “…..
In the depth of who they were worshipping,  THEY WERE AFRAID ….
they were worshipping JESUS fully…..and they were still AFRAID

it was beyond what they could describe
it was beyond what they could comprehend
it was beyond knowledge, beyond ritual, beyond words…
it was , ” a TOUCH , HIS ACTUAL PRESENCE” ……

vs. 13…
” THEN…THEN the disciples UNDERSTOOD that he was talking
about John the Baptist” …..

JESUS will give us understanding of what HE is saying
Jesus will give us understanding of who HE IS, what HE says…..

if you read this, you will see a deep conversation with
Peter , James and John…… walking down a mountain.

We have to desire to truly ” walk with CHRIST” in HIS FULLNESS…
We have to want a conversation, we have to want understanding..
We have to ask questions and desire a deep spiritual answer…

Ready for what happens next ?   Do you want what a touch will do ?

It is where Jesus drives out the demon from the boy…

” O unbelieving and perverse generation ” …….” how long shall I put
up with you? ”  ( that is what JESUS said ! )   smile…
The disciples asked , ” Why couldn’t we drive it out ? ”
” Because you have so little faith “… then on to the mustard seed
and moving a MOUNTAIN….

This is pretty black and white……the TRUTH…from God’s Word.
Why does JESUS CHRIST want to today, be the same as HE WAS…
HE is the same in us today….HE is the same with us today…

He wants to do miracles, HE wants to drive out the demons that
hold us and the ones in bondage around us….

What and why is those things of satan still controlling our lives ?
Are we afraid of letting JESUS CHRIST in HIS FULLNESS…
Will we receive HIS WORD in written form but not in
actual ” action ” form ?

Do we want to drive out the demons in this world to the people
God puts on our path ?
Do we worship God , but are afraid of HIS TOUCH ?

JESUS CHRIST, ”  How long shall I put up with you?  Bring the
boy here to me.”  18  JESUS rebuked the demon, and it came out
of the boy, and he was healed from that moment.”

He is the same, yesterday , today and forever…..
We are the ones HE chose to save and to put the HOLY SPIRIT in us….
Peter, James and John……
Joe, Suzy, Billy, ….  doesn’t matter….
JESUS CHRIST – the same…..

Oh may we hunger, for HIS actual touch …..
Oh may we hunger to do great and mighty things that others may
KNOW IT IS GOD ALONE……through us…..
may we have the faith to move mountains like HIS WORD says…

This I ask, this I ask, in the name of JESUS CHRIST amen.

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