Are we genuine ….. ?


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“The disciples fell down and worshipped JESUS CHRIST
who had stilled the storm.
But such OCCASIONAL ….
Occasional expressions of humility…
only bring out into stronger reality…..
what was the HABITUAL tone of their mind.”

Our genuine….habitual tone of our mind….
Our genuine….habitual tone of our mind….

An abiding, living in…characteristic…. of humility.
is usually very hard to find.

* do people find it in me ?
* who do you see that humility is truly in them ?
* you can NAME the people that humility is, who they are.

It is one of the MOST DIFFICULT characteristic of Christ
to attain. …to conquer PRIDE
to be meek and lowly of heart

JESUS CHRIST, lived humility at the deepest part..
of HIS BEING…..look at the CROSS….

It is easy to THINK we humble ourselves before God…
but the proof of just that….
The proof of just that…
will be if we can humble ourselves
before men
before others
before those in our daily lives…..

to humble ourselves in the SIGHT of our LORD….
is to humble ourselves with others on earth….

only by seeing this in our lives…
will HE know ~ that our humility is real….
HE KNOW ~ that our humility is real…

and not an, “occasional expression “

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