Areas of Attack….


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Waking up around 5:00 a.m. to a dream that was one ….
that played like a real movie you were in…
     My family was living in the ….setting….
     We were hiding…. and yelling to each other as we got seperated…
    the effects we as the Holocaust….in real life.

It literally woke me up……
I immediately started to pray the blood of JESUS for my family,
Their own individual families, each one of them…
Their “togetherness” within themselves…..
The plan for God on their lives, and their safety from the
schemes of satan…………. in the world they live in, daily.

I woke up to what in the world, is this just an “what did I eat before…”
what is it…it is sooooooooo real ?
      Then I thot of what is going on around me….
      Families lives that satan is trying to DESTROY………
     The tiniest details, schemes, manuevering,  ” the apple syndrome 2010″

How seriously do we take the power of the blood of JESUS today ?
      How seriously do we take satan’s goal of destroying our families ?
 Whether through seperation….divorce, or “not speaking” , or self engaged ?
     Financial stress, or materialism ?

We can “wish and hope…that satan will not touch – OUR FAMILIES..”
but look at the ones you know now, that you never thought he would ?

How critical is your prayer for your child’s health ?
How critical is your prayer for your child’s day at school ?
     How critical is your prayer for you and your husbands closeness in the Lord ?
     How critical is your prayer that tells satan , HIS death, His blood defeated him
            once and for all.
    His resurrection power is in you, your children, your husband, your wife…
The death angel over your family – has to go OVER………
Jesus’ blood covers you…..and your home…..your family.

We can see him coming in our government….
The TV – music…..but watch our relationships….
                                     watch our kid’s  lives…..
                                      watch how we spend our money….

Satan is not like a cold you can ignore that turns into sickness….
   ” I’ll get over it and ignore the warning signs”

What in your /my family is a – 1st warning sign …
 What in ourselves…is a 1st warning sign ?
   That JESUS is not LORD of all……
   If it ticks us off….the little ones that have to deal with split homes, etc….
        keep the spiritual door shut to our own,  
        the blood of JESUS over our door posts !

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