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Up til 4:00 2 nites ago…..went online…..Benson and Dorcas were up for the day !
So, Benson shared what he was going to preach on….it was AMAZING !
I told him….I will be right there sitting on a baseball bench to hear …..

Authority + Submission …….
YOU can NOT…exercise the Authority of God…unless you are in Submission to God.
Are we truly submitting to the TRUTH of GOD’s WORD ?
All that it says that we have in HIM…are we submitting ourselves completely ?
Is the WORD OF GOD…..our final AUTHORITY ?
Are we submitting to the Authority that God has given us on earth ?
Govt.   ( Rom. 13 )   praying and giving God the avenue to work through ?
Parents…. School….
Marriage…..couples ~should not have strife.
If we are not having AUTHORITY… our ” submission ”  off ?

1 Sam. 2: 22- 3
1 Sam 3: 13
Not correcting our children…we do not put their feelings over  true love…
IF we do not correct…the thing they are rebelling in…may destroy their lives.
You give and give and give to your children…but you do not correct them.
The ” I will bail you out “…will lead to rebellion….

Authority and Submission are never seperated…
Yield to God ~ Yield to Holy Spirit ~ Yield to the Word of God
If you submit to satan….you are resisting GOD !
If you resist God’s Word…you are yielding to satan !

When the Word of God says something…you do not have to PRAY ABOUT IT…
Prayer does not change the WORD OF GOD…it is the final Authority and TRUTH…
There are so many things ….in our relationships….
in our lives……that we are asking God….

and we already know…..what aligns with GOD’s WORD….but we act ignorant.

Authority of the WORD OF GOD…will work HIS AUTHORITY !
If we are not submitting in that area to the WORD OF GOD….
then HOW can we exercise His Authority over satan ?

and so the trials, struggles, discontentment, discourse….continues…..seriously !

**Submitting to the Holy Spirit !
* Our flesh will always want to be above our spirit
1 Cor. 9: 27
Put the Spirit on top and the FLESH UNDER…
Feelings UNDER
HOW ?  By feeding on the Word of God = FINAL AUTHORITY.

In Heaven….satan did not, did not want to submit.
On Earth…..satan wants you to have his same spirit

HE even tried to get JESUS CHRIST to have that same spirit !
Satisfy our Appetite –   Eve – Jacob & Essau
Satisfy your own desires –  spirit of rebellion
Having Power…makes you –  not – want to listen, to others desires….

Submission to satan ?
Submission to God alone ?

Healing =  submission to who God truly is….HIS WORD = final Authority

When we take communion –  we are showing and telling satan =
We are submitting to HIM AS LORD of our lives, today, right now….
in this very circumstance…..HIS BLOOD = over satan =  Authority = JESUS CHRIST

1 John 2 : 20  ” But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all you know the TRUTH.”
1 John 2: 27  ( the Holy Spirit teaches us all things , it is real, remain in HIM  )

He will show us, reveal to us…what is TRUTH…..
then we choose ~  will we submit to what is truth or continue to rebel ?

When we truly submit to God……
We truly have the Authority over satan……

Want Authority over something in your life right now ?
Submission = Authority.
Submission to GOD
Submission to who God has given in authority over you
Submission to HIS HOLY WORD
in our lives….our families….for our children….for others….
to HIM as LORD and Savior.

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