……” BACK IN THE BOOT ” …….


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I know this sounds STUPID….but it is life !
In fact it is my life…..with JESUS CHRIST personally
ONE ~ on ~ one.

I sprained my foot this summer helping install a ceiling fan.
I broke my foot in the same place in Africa this fall.
I just got released of wearing a boot a few weeks ago.
I went out to help Rock cut wood 2 days ago …..and BAM.

Foot swelled up like a banchy…..
Turned colors…
Pain is the worst of any of the above….

So I tried putting it back in the wrap w/ a brace…
So, I gave up….and put it back IN THE BOOT.

The boot absorbs the pressure.
The boot keeps it in the same position.
The boot strengthens my leg to walk.
to the point of less pain !


Put ourselves  –  in the WORD  – strengthens my walk
– in the Spirit –  keeps us in the right position
– in prayer – absorbs the pressure

and you got it =  LESS PAIN………..

I have been thinking how I have had to hobble around ….
how my walk in the flesh has little freedom for a long time…
how I can not just ” walk care free”….and in many ways..
it represents my own life right now….the circumstances of my flesh.

but in the SPIRIT….no limp, no hobble, not bound at all, at all, at all.

I will do what ever I have to do…to walk in the flesh,
Boot, wrap, brace, ” what ever”   who cares !
and in the SPIRIT….

I will be intentional….to be IN HIS WORD daily
to pray to HIM continuously
to let my spirit align with HIS SPIRIT….

So that I walk to where HE desires me to be…
in the pace,
in the strength that only HE CAN GIVE….

Walking in and of myself…..ain’t workin’ in the flesh right now
and it NEVER DOES….

In the SPIRIT !

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Sorry to hear about your foot, but what a great analogy. I watched thevafrica video with mom when I was at their house for Christmas – amazing pictures and music. Praise the LORD for what He did there. As I look ahead to this year in which I will turn 40, The Lord is already starting to stir my heart. I listened to a great message and book by Beth Moore about delighting in Him and how that applies to me wanting a husband and a child. If I proceed in my flesh, it will continue to be limping along, stumbling about…but if I turn up to Him and seek Himfor EVERYTHING, I do believe His plan is best. I just want to get out of His way so He can do the work He needs to in my heart. Feel better. Love you!

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