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There is a group of guys that “travel to all the churches and
lead Praise and Worship….Dorcas goes some, Stella or Lilian
go also…. Here they are – John Patience – from the Congo
Amos ( ahhh mose )
Evans ( ehhh vahns )
Benson too !

We were seperated the middle of the Chep Tan Tan church meetings.
Geoffry and his father had been jailed. ? ? The Police
demanded 10,000 shillings and both would be released. So the
family worked on getting the shillings together… Benson said,
” we will wait and then see what we should add to it.” They got
together 6,000 shillings…. so we sent the 4,000 to complete.
Benson, ” Mum, if we do not assist we could visit them when we go
to the prison.” ( Feb. 23rd )
The police took it…but only released the father. ( thankful
for that ! ) but ?? How would one of the young men that soooo
worshiped Jesus….end up in jail ? Benson ?
Long story short – Geoffry works on electronics…
someone brought in a “solar panel”
3 months later, no one came to pick it up
Geoffry wanted to bless his Dad
Let him use it until someone came
Dad took it to Safari Com ( Verizon )
To put on “time”, for it to work ”
They ran the serial number = STOLEN.
Back and forth the phone calls…. hours turned into days…
Benson called those he knew….to get to the woman judge that
is handling the case….. then we got the call :
” Geoffry is now with this call, released ”
********* case in court still to come ********** Please pray !

Valentine’s Day – Love – Sacrifice – Redemption – FREEDOM….
I think of JESUS CHRIST setting us FREE !
No DEEPER LOVE is this…..

Feb. 13th we were back together…spirits lifted…
Thank you so much for your prayers ! * seriously !

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Praise God for bringing you back together! I have no words for the prior post. I just can’t even imagine, other than the boy was imitating the older people. I’m sure it happens here, too. Will continue to pray. Love ya!

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