~ Backward or Forward ?


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Jeremiah 7: 2  + —-
” Hear the Word of the Lord….all you people of Judah
who come through these gates to worship the Lord
Reform your ways and your actions and I will let you…..
live in this place.”

Do we truly “hear the Word of the Lord ”
Do we really, really want to live in His place of worship ?
Do we want to hear Him, but live in our “own house” ?

vs. 5
“If you REALLY change your ways and your actions and deal with
each other justly ”

*  what ways or actions in this past week, do I need to change
* what has the Holy Spirit said , ” hmmm, not so good on that one ”
*  change = like a diaper change….take off the stinky and throw it away.
not just “think – I need to change and feel good inside”

” deal justly with each other ” ~  who is the one you just have trouble
doing that with ?
” think DIAPER” when you think of that person =  CHANGE ME !

vs. 11 “BUT I,  BUT I have been watching ”

If we would really get to see for ONE second, Gods’ eyes on us.
If we could see HIM, like out of the blue, just watching our lives
in those diaper moments ?   How would we feel ?

Vs. 13
” I have spoke to you again and again”

** over and over…..same area, same person, same actions from ourselves.

” but you do not listen”    OH, the sadden heart of the LORD…..

But, HE gives us chance after chance :
vs. 23
” Obey me and I will be your God and you will be my people, Walk
in all the ways I command you, that it may go well with you ”

the next verse =  ” but they did not listen ”
” they followed the stubborn inclinations of their evil hearts”


I can hear God saying , ” take it out of REVERSE
take it out of REVERSE”

Our neck gets sore after going in REVERSE for a long time….
I pray for a soft neck that will turn to His correction….
I pray, ” obey Me and I will be YOUR GOD ”
I pray to live in the house of worship…a life of worship

The peace of worship…..in the name of JESUS CHRIST, amen.

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