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I am not the “best mother in law “…….

So God always strengthens us in our  weakness…..
We are teaching on ” ADVANCING THE KINGDOM “….
but they keep going back to the MARRIAGE…..smile….

So after this a.m.’s session they shared :

A. Benson :
” we seen that a woman was missing from our  Liyavo, church.  We
asked where has she been.   ( they found out )   The Mother
in law will not even let her out of her sight.  She is not allowed
to come to church.  She is not allowed out of the home yard.  She
is not allowed out of her Mother in laws sight.   She has been
given the task by the Mother in law ( who is a practicing Witch
Dr. )  The task is ,  ” SHE HAS TO FEED THE SNAKES “………
or she can not stayed married to the son !

*  I don’t care if our son goes to Cambodia or Tenn……
as long as they are in the ” will of GOD ”
*  I pray I never ask Marla or Angie to feed a snake that
is being worshiped as a god !
*  I do have ALOT, ALOT to learn/ grow in many other areas…
but those two ?

B.  A tall man from the Mt. Elgon region:
” The women of the LOO AH LAH  ( sounding )  TRIBE :
The must be circumsized before the children can come .
The explained but would not go into detail….sounds like
cuttings on her…..( women from this tribe in the Mt. Elgon
region will come next week )
They can not have children….until they have the cuttings…
They can not be accepted into the TRIBE….until they
have been sent into the forest to capture a Leopard.
Once they have the markings on them from catching the Leapard.
The will be accepted into the TRIBE.”

C.rMartine + the man with the shades :
” If someone marries out of the TRIBE….they are not even looked
as , as if they are married.  To be accepted they must come back
and marry one of their own…THEN they are married. ”

D. The man from Matisi:
“We are prejudice against different TRIBES…..as far as the
Baroosoo  ( sounding )  TRIBE….Cannibals……we have so many
cultural things taught to us from our Parents….our expectations
come strong through our parents…we believe what they believe.
But, the story of the woman of the well….we are to follow JESUS’
example.  We must live with the mind of CHRIST. ”

These are all men from our church, or churches we are working with.
I pray, pray you see GOD coming in with the TRUTH…..according
to HIS WORD…..one by one….” repent for the KINGDOM OF GOD
IS NEAR “….change your way of thinking,  change your actions…
change the culture of the next generation to only believe TRUTH.

in the name of JESUS CHRIST,
thank YOU , thank YOU…..for praying !


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Wow! Such darkness, yet just as much here in other forms and styles, I guess-some parts, certainly not all. Will continue to pray.

Thanks for not making me feed snakes. 😉

Some of my Somali friends here have been circumcised as young girls (which is a nice way of saying genital mutilation–cutting off the parts that make you feel good and then sewing you shut so you can’t have sex). It breaks my heart.

Praying for freedom for these people in the name of Jesus!

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