~ ” banished JOY ? ” ~


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What is the difference between JOY and HAPPINESS ?
Joy = inward peace, contentment, fulfillment, etc.
Happiness = outwardly pleased, by outwardly “things” ….

Came across this verse this a.m. –
Knowing this is not a “blanket” reason…
But just thinking upon this concept :

Jeremiah 26: 8 + 10
” Because you have not LISTENED to my words….
10.  I will BANISH from them the sounds of JOY….
and the light of the lamp. ”

Jeremiah, the words he spoke from the LORD was
not heard…did not want to be heard…..

A. What is God asking of me right now through
His Word ?  The deep thing, just from Him to me..
that I “KNOW” ?
B.  Am I listening deeply, listening with an ear to do….
Listening and asking for revelation into my own life,
to change.

A gauge to me in my spiritual life…..if I am hearing the LORD,
if I am obeying the LORD,

A.  Do I have peace with the LORD ?
B. Do I have joy in most, almost every area of my life ?
( this isn’t not saying what ever with the circumstance…
this is saying, I am submitting to the LORD, therefore
I am doing what HE truly says in HIS WORD, to me….
I HEAR HIM…..I respond in obedience = I have JOY )
C.  I have HIS LIGHT …..HE is showing me , ordering my steps….
( is it doing what I WANT TO DO ?  no.
is it a lamp and not a huge football light ?  yes.
Today, with who God has in my life, am I OBEYING by HIS WORD )

IF , I hear HIM,

A.  He gives me JOY
B.  He Keeps HIS lamp on in front of me to my life

No joy right now ?
No light ?

We can read, we can hear Gods Word in church , in our devo’s…
But the difference between hearing and listening ?
is like the difference between happiness and joy
is like the difference between darkness and light

Hear the Word only                      Listen to HIS WORD
happiness                                         JOY
darkness                                           Light to direct our life

It breaks down to our 4 walls
It breaks down to our family, each child, each mate
It breaks down to the one who calls us today
It breaks down to ourselves alone….
It breaks down to the church family….
It breaks down unto the world……are we listening to HIS WORD ?

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